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  • Круто!!! А чем он от автогена отличается?

  • This video is super cool but can any one explain why he was cutting slow threw things like the plastic head

  • do the unbreakable box

  • are there ways to increase the power to have same effect as sabers?

  • i am 1/50k comments, but yall should put a tungsten rod in the middle of the the lightsaber and then yall could duel with the lightsabers.

  • Your burning everything but your chicken

  • Imagine they remake this lightsaber ten years later... Lightsabers would definitely come true

  • Guga foods: I know this turkey might not look good right now... but watch this..

  • gimmie this for 1 hour. i need this to break the unbreakable case which has 100 grand dollars. now heres the deal. out of 100 yall get 50 i keep 50 but i also keep the saber. now thats a deal. eagerly waiting with a hand ready to shake hands.

  • This is the best thing I have ever seen holy crap. It’s and actual dream come true. great work guys you really out did yourselves!

  • For another test you should put the lightsaber in a vice and turn it on, and then fire a projectile at it to see if it stops it

  • Fancy welder

  • The man wielding the lightsaber looks really proud after cutting through the metal sliding 2:00... Really cool... I want one...

  • Try to destroy a house

  • Rhett with a lightsaber

  • Don’t ever give me this because I’ll think is a toy and touch it and die.

  • So it's basically a hyper concentrated stronger flamethrower. Good idea.

  • Jus picture tht on sum ballistic jell like Dw

  • My ex 🤣🤣

  • He looks like a child first play with fire

  • Could this be the 1.0 version of the Real Light Saber that will appear only in the Future (ops in the Past)?

  • i would set my dad's ass on fire.

  • PLEASE!!! By the love of god make a Lancer Rifle from Gears of War I need to see real cutting with the chainsaw before I die!!.

  • Do it in a darth Vader suit😭

  • 100% they will be hired in marvel cast Like if you agree 👇

    • But what would a single slash do if you swung it like a real one?

  • Gym weights would be the thing I would destroy

  • I was really anxious about leftover gas in the car

  • But obviously, lightsabers must be good at stabbing stormtroopers Stormtrooper: Oh sh...(stabbed)

  • Lightsaber vs bullet proof glass

  • More of a very hot touch than a light saber, but still cool as HELL. Thanks for sharing!

  • Canada will be the first world power to arm soldiers with these, thats exciting

  • Nearest thing I've ever seen to a real light sabre. Amazing. Subbed.

  • That ain't a blaster... That's an M249 without a stock and an ACOG. Immersion ruined.

  • crazy.

  • cant believe they are using that thing without gloves

  • Do a vid with the lightsaber doing anothertest but cut stuff faster also....................GREAT VID MAN

  • Method acting and sped up scenes. Booooo

  • Please tell me that you're not stoping with lightsaber improving, like the comment if you want the same

  • I’m sure thermite from rainbow six siege is jealous right now

  • is it anything else as a mobile plasma cutter? XD

  • But what would a single slash do if you swung it like a real one?

  • I mean an actual sword could do most of that a lot better...

  • I like how cutting through the ribs took as long as the metal

  • 3:40 you guys don't gona need a Furness or grill enymore

  • George Lucas 👁👄👁

  • U need to try this on a ballistic dummy.

  • I think you should try making a Liquid nitrogen fire extinguisher

  • this is more of a maverick gadget from R6 than a lightsaber

  • tbh its good but lightsabers dont burn people or stuff they cut through it and have little burns in people but its good though and it works

  • Did anyone else see the iron man was here Easter egg

  • Donates 5k$ burns 25k come one lol

  • I wonder what would happen if you clashed that light saber with another one

  • not to demerite it, but i love how they avoid the fact that this is just a big ass welder

  • (2 years later) “So someone stole our design and murdered 3 people”

  • Does this come in a butter knife version?

  • your lightsaber is made of fire

  • It is a clever toy. I am worried about high number of idiots who think this is new technology or new invention.

  • 3:55 char-broiled pork anyone?

  • I feel like this has the ability to be a breaching tool

  • Best hot knife video on KO-u 😂

  • Would love to see a collaboration with the slowmoguys to see what turning the saber on and off looks like in slow motion.

  • What about real people?

  • Can you do wolverine claws vs light saber

  • Why am I looking at some dudes welding shit with a customised welder

  • After this ima play some Battlefront 2

  • At 3:25 It Looks Like The Lightsaber Is On Fire

  • „Just glaze it gently“ The Hacksmith:

  • how many liters of oxigen did you guys even use? :))

  • cutting through things will become more efficient as the temperature increases

  • Police officer after a murder in Kitchener: How did the victim get murdered? The forensic scientist: looks like he got cut in half by a Star Wars Lightsaber Police Officer: Don‘t joke with me. I know that these things don’t exist James and his crew in the Shop: Muhahaha

  • It would be much cooler if it did it faster

  • I sawed this steel door in half!

  • Man how much did it cost to make that thing

  • You made dreams come true

  • How much money do you have

  • gas saber

  • Canada strikes back

  • I wonder if those sounds are actually from the lightsaber or if they were just edited in

  • It needs to be a lot harder to cut faster like in the movies

  • Looks like a glorified flame thrower 😁

  • Can it cut through "Friend Zone" ??

  • Can u toast bread , u know like in " The Hitchhiker's Guide to Gakaxy "

  • That "lightsaber" of yours is banned in warfare by the geneva convention

  • Glory to the force! Earth now has its forst real Jedi Knights!

  • 2:21 looks like a pimple about to explode 🤯

  • That's not even a light saber Ahmed !!🙄 That is like some fire lol lmoa 😁


  • 2:26 I love how it says iron man was here on the wall 😂

  • Best way to make a steak


  • I’m surprised you haven’t been imployed by the government

  • I love how it looks steampunk-ish

  • Yah

  • mk, so what about bedrock?

  • Can u build a batman green spear

  • Burn a Watermelon

  • nice bunsen burner

  • This is just a strong bunsen burner

  • .if this were to fall in the wrong hands ... >:》

  • This is more of a flamethrower than a lightsaber