Chhor Denge: Parampara Tandon | Sachet-Parampara | Nora Fatehi, Ehan Bhat | Arvindr K, Bhushan Kumar

게시일 2021. 02. 03.
Gulshan Kumar & T-Series presents Bhushan Kumar's "Chhor Denge", a brand new song in the voice of “Parampara Tandon" featuring Nora Fatehi & Ehan Bhat. The lyrics of new song are penned by Yogesh Dubey & music composed by Sachet-Parampara. The video is directed by Arvindr Khaira.
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Song: Chhor Denge
Singer: Parampara Tandon
Music Director : Sachet-Parampara
Lyrics : Yogesh Dubey
Music Supervision: Raj Chanana, Shivam Chanana, Sonal Chawla, Vivin Sachdeva
Music Produced: Sourav Roy
Guitars: Shomu Seal
Mixed And Mastered : Eric Pillai
Music Label: T-Series
Video Credits
Director:- Arvindr Khaira
Choreographer: Rajit
Dop: Anurag Solanki
Editor: Adele Pereira
Grade: Onkar Singh
Cretive Director / Steadicam: Amaninder Singh
Asst Director: Satnam Singh, Sukhman Singh, Jais Sivia
Supporting Ad: Monty Syan, Karan Maini, Sagar, Isha Arora
Vfx: Luv
Stylist For Ehan: Lavika Singh
Asst Stylist: Kavleen
Jimmy Jib: Manish Arora
Production- Usama Chauhan, Prashant And Manish
Line Producer: Aadesh Gola, Vikrant Kaushik, Aron Paharia And Rahul Dhir
Production Team: Usama, Prashant, Rahul, Lobe K Lavania, Sanchit
Production Designer: Dikhsha Sharma
Art Team: Ashish Sharma, Rahul Sachdeva And Seema
Makeup- Pallavi And Team
Teaser And Promos: Himanshu Mishra
Music Label: T-Series
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