Don't Call Me

게시일 2021. 02. 22.
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Don't Call Me · SHINee
Don't Call Me - The 7th Album
℗ 2021 SM Entertainment
Released on: 2021-02-22
Lyricist: KENZIE
Composer: KENZIE
Composer: Dwayne 'Dem Jointz' Abernathy Jr.
Composer: Rodnae 'Chikk' Bell
Arranger: Dwayne 'Dem Jointz' Abernathy Jr.
Arranger: KENZIE
Arranger: Ryan S. Jhun
Arranger: robbin
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  • Thank you #SHINee for keep on releasing new music. Thank you #샤이니 for coming back.

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  • The album of the year 😭😭♥️❌☎️

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  • Such a good song 👌