DPR IAN - Scaredy Cat (OFFICIAL M/V)

게시일 2021. 03. 21.
DPR IAN - Moodswings In This Order 'MITO' EP is now available on all streaming platforms.
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  • Ian was in the Kpop industry?

  • 아 ....존나귀여워

  • I love this song, I play it 10 times a day

  • love the song, visual cinematography, and lyrics

  • это искусство...

  • 이분 겁나 멋있네

  • Someone can explain me the difference between DRP and Ian, sorry I'm new in this and I'm very confused But are amazing the songs

  • Anyone else scared from the lack of people in this hotel? Realistically I get we're in a pandemic so obvisiously safety comes first, but storywise if you consider the murder report at the beginning... 😳

  • i don’t know how i can be here, but yeah i’m not complain

  • Dpr has become my comfort 😭

  • im in love with his artistry.

  • he reminds me of sniper mask help

  • I keep coming back to this song and it hits different everytime.

  • i fucking love this

  • 초면에 죄송합니다만 사랑합니다!

  • This Music Video is a MASTERPIECE as much as the song. Nailed it

  • Ok just 2 MVs and I''m in love with this guy's voice, songs and style !

  • se ha vuelto mi adiccion

  • Wn como no amarte, si creas unas canciones demasiado buenas!

  • if i don't listen to it everyday I WILL DIE . thank u for this song

  • I'm supporting you from Japan. You're a genius! Plz keep going bro!

  • Is this K-pop? also i like this

  • Anyone else noticed that the beat at the beginning sounds similar to the beat at the beginning of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, and Ian dances kinda like him in the mv too? 🤭🤭

  • after seeing this mv, i felt so motivated. it changed my whole life, now i'm a successfull person. i got 10 olympic gold medals, 6 oscars, 7 nobel prizes. next year i'm planning to buy the moon. it all happened because of dpr. thank you so much

  • this mv is so damn good to see! I'm really surprised by the good video and the very good music!

  • Thank you so much for the music,keep up the great work!

  • Wait was he Rome?

  • i’ve listened to this song three times every day since it came out

  • русские вы тут?

  • IAN: How many reverse cuts do you want in this MV? MITO: YESSSS

  • (0:30) thats some nice lipstick

  • this is already my fav album for the next decade!!

  • Woah, i think i just found something precious... This is so good, wow

  • I'm doing my morning routine my morning routine is start to day with listening his songs

  • Came here because Nishi Hiroto said that DPR is the artist he looks up to. Now, I'm hooked. I swear his musics are so damn good. 🤧❤️

  • lo mejor que he hecho en mi vida es stanear a dpr:D

  • Strong Joker vibes

  • this is the kinda pop music I vibe to and yes I've had this username for years before discovering this awesome song

  • DPR은 한명한명씩 예술의 총 집합체로 모아놓은거같아서 볼때마다 신선해서 너무좋다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Long hairstyle is so amazing😳

  • this is very malenie martinez + sub urban

  • Idk if I'm too high right now but he lowkey reminds me of Billie Eilish

  • Icon

  • Morning routine

  • I love it

  • I’m just in love.

  • すきだ....

  • Don't Worry. I'm Scared Too.

  • Define Talent and underrated:

  • He deserves to be recognized more for his amazing music istg I’ve literally heard No Blueberries like a million times 👏🏼👏🏼

  • This is so underrated.

  • Fuck he's so attractive TT

  • he is cuteeeee

  • me enamore de él y su música

  • first song ive heard of him, and im literally obsessed

  • Love his music, can't wait till he makes more

  • you're so good, like so so so good! this is pure masterpiece, the songs and videos for mito just belong to each other in their own odd and brilliant way

  • everything about this is a masterpiece

  • Sólo puedo decir que estos chicos hacen tremendas joyas uwu

  • ian : dont ever leave me.. me : i won't.

  • i discovered him today and i came across this, can someone explain the theories to me or is there a video that explains it.

  • Love this mv of ur a complete package

  • Cristian World domination.

  • I am a flying cat oooh wohh 🍃

  • The song 'Nerves' came in my recommendation I listened to it and that was the best decision I made till now in my life .

  • This man is without a doubt my number one creative influence. Like I wish I came up with MITO first SO badly, this man is a veritable GENIUS.

  • this is my favorite persona

  • Album*

  • I begin to very love your music of your new specialy Dope lover

  • God I'm falling for this man

  • Do nada me ocorreu que uma colab com o Jackson Wang ia ficar sensacional!

  • pls try this ko-u.info/losk/bidio/l4CApneXhapmlGQ

  • ê cái bài này quá hay để nhận cái view 1,3 triệu như z

  • why does he give me Cody Fern from AHS vibes...in a good way of course

  • estoy cmo q enamorads de una canción


  • 이런 아티스트가 아이돌 그룹에 있었다니...

  • am am sce` di' cat

  • pov : you're have anxiety and panic attack because of nothing at 02.45 am

  • is no one gonna mention the shirt he wore in no blueberries was in the closet

  • the vibes are always amazing, love it :)

  • gongius bongius

  • I never thought a total stranger could capture such a personal experience of mine in such a beautiful way ; "I scream out loud just to see if I'm alive " hit hard. Always remember, you're never alone

  • The "I have no time (he has no time)" line gave me goosebumps. Expressing paranoia and then suddenly there's third person????? Oh my goodness

  • Ayno otro hombre al que le voy a chillar

  • the rumors are true, i'm a scaredy cat

  • to viciada nas músicas desse carinha ;)

  • Slaps so much

  • I really hate how underrated he is

  • Ian really is giving me V from Devil May Cry 5 vibes in this MV.

  • Omg mi nuevo crushhhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 🇹🇭คนไทย❤️

  • 초반에 들리는 라디오의 범인은 뮤비 속 이안인 것 같네요 . 한 쪽눈이 없을 수도 있다는 말이 있었는데 눈알 모양을 한 반지를 끼고있거나 중간중간 한쪽눈의 검은자위가 없어지는 CG를 넣는걸로 봐선..

  • I love how his voice sound so perfectly beautiful. His dancing, everything!! The whole video its a masterpiece.

  • KPop fantard still cant up grade their music taste. Thats why DPR Ian is underrated. Hollywood already have Billie Eillsh 😎


  • gente q homem lindo meo pai

  • Wow, que talentoso y guapo 0.0