어디로 가야하죠 아저씨.. 이사 가는 새집주소 까먹은 새끼수리부엉이ㅋㅋㅣEagle Owl Chickling Lost The Way Back To Mom

게시일 2021. 04. 27.
숲으로 돌아가기 위해 새끼에게 스파르타식 교육을 시작한 수리부엉이 부부
과연 이 가족은 무사히 산으로 이소할 수 있을까?

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이웃새촌 수리부엉이 2편 ↓↓↓
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  • Какие трогательные отношения у таких грозных птиц. Птенец очарователен!

  • Awww...The researchers and residents were the best! I also love how there were relatable familial things here, lmao. Someone in this comments’ section mentioned how it was pretty smart of the baby owl to try to get to her mom by going through the front door, lmao.

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  • I liked how the producers cared for the family without really taking away from them. Americans would capture them and put them in a zoo aka animal rescue destroying their natural ways of life. I really enjoyed watching them work with nature to care for God's creation and not against it, with a hero complex.

  • this kind of videos on youtube is worth to watch. i hope you continue doing your work. people forget how to treat animals in the right way these days. kudos to everyone who made this videos possible. Godbless always!

  • Final feliz. Alegria para el mundo de los buhos. Tristeza pare el mundo de los roedores

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  • Gosh i was going so emotional and rooting for that little one , thousands of miles away , on the other side of my screen . I can imagine how emotional the whole thing must have been for these kind people , who literally stopped breathing when the chick fell off the building. Kudos to you all too . You successfully reared that chick along with its parents😁


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  • The baby is an owlet. Weird they’re calling it a chick.

  • Замечательные фильмы про семью филинов, снято классно! И улыбательные надписи "разговоров" пернатой семьм;)

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  • Very good nurturing and returning to nature. Thanks to the ornithology team and the residents for helping to share common guidance to fellow animal.

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