Full Bottom 9th of World Series Game 4! (Rays try to come back on Dodgers!)

게시일 2020. 10. 24.
Down 1 to the Dodgers, the Rays were down to their final outs to try to stay alive in World Series Game 4. Watch how it all went down in one of the greatest innings in World Series history!
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  • I know people will argue with me but this ending is bigger than LA winning the World Series

  • Rays cheated

  • この結末はほんと面白かったわ

  • 14:01 lol Willy adames

  • imagine this was game 7 it would’ve been known as the absolute worst way to lose a world series. also a hollywood way to win a world series

  • THIS IS WHY BASEBALL IS THE GREATEST!! No other sport would a team ever have to rely on literally the last man on the bench to come through in a championship moment...

  • Does kenley hate the dodgers?

  • such an iconic moment in baseball and so glad i got to witness it live on tv with my 2 year old son. baseball is one of a kind.

  • I’m am a tiger fan And I can’t believe the rays own

  • Who’s here after randy got detained

  • As a Dodger fan I love the comments in this breakdown. Lots of people thought after this game the momentum would shift in favor of the Rays. That did not happen but the Rays did not go down without a fight that’s for sure. Dodgers world champs. Edit: I’m also glad smith missed the ball because if didn’t the game goes to extra innings and pitchers get spent and who knows what happens. Even after this heartbreaking loss I felt it in my gut that it was in the Dodgers favor some how.

  • SPOILER: Dodgers win World Series

  • Enjoy your second place participation medal 🥈 Tampa Bay! *GO DODGERS*

  • I’m sad to say I was at this game Flew from LA to Texas to attend this game But Heyy we still won the World Series so idc lol still a fun experience and one I don’t regret

  • As a Dodger fan, all I can do now is just laugh at this moment. I didn't watch this highlight again until after the series ended.

  • 14:34 Muncy.......

  • I’m a Dodger fan and words can’t express how pissed off I was when this happened.

  • so much easier to watch now. great game

  • Man if everyone here in the week old comments knew how this would play out with dodgers winning 999!!!

  • Seems like when he pitches i can't see the ball properly, like a display error

  • What an ending!

  • This pissed me off so much but its just funny to me now since the Dodgers won it all😂

  • "Try?"

  • Best game of baseball I've ever watched and I've been a fan my entire life

  • Baseball gods had other plans for sure. Had it gone 3-1 game 5 being the winning game I don't think it would have gone our way. Nothing against Kershaw, I truly hope Roberts saw himself in K Cash and changes his bonehead moves.

  • Bad news bears written all over this lol so happy the Dodgers turned it around, I love my Dodgers the new world series champs!

  • 15:26 Kiermaier screaming like an idiot. Wonder if he screamed the same way when theh lost. 😂🔵✊🏽🧢

  • They jinxed their WS w/ this premature celebration!

  • Lakers and Dodgers win Championship on the worst year recorded in human history. We’re living in bizarro world

  • Absolutely wild.

  • Itll be a great year if it was the Dodgers vs yankees

  • Again, new to Baseball, but uh, Do these maniacs break bats in half every game, or was that just a one-time thing?

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  • 17:06 don’t you just love it guys

  • The production value of this half inning alone was amazing.

  • The pitcher made the biggest mental error by not backing up the catcher at home plate. They literally teach you this in little league.

  • the momentum just switched towards the Rays, great come back win, Dodger pucker times are here again.

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  • Been waiting over 40 yrs. My auntie is dancing in heaven.

  • That was amazing; just not for my Dodgers.

  • This was a fitting ending to this all-time classic game - no matter how the Series turns out this one will be remembered forever for all the plot twists and clutch performances. Out of all the sports (football, basketball, hockey, soccer) only baseball can produce drama like this.

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  • Hands down it’s gotta be in the conversation as one of the best innings of all time.

  • Damn I gotta start watching baseball lol

  • Jansen is broken mentally. Once he lets players on base, he locks up and is lost

  • MLB executives: We need 7 games to generate as much revenues as we can for essentially a loss season!......This will go to 7 games, but clearly the Dodgers is the better team!

  • If the Rays lose this series, then this moment or play won't matter anymore, but if the Rays do end up forcing a Game 7 and winning it all, then this moment will be the Dodgers version of the Bill Buckner error for the Red Sox.

  • America's Pastime......yepp ....PAST the TIME where anyone cares anymore!!!🚀🎱🎈

  • They didn’t TRY to comeback they did when did mlb start with clickbait

  • lol

  • Oh if only the Spoodgers could be denied again this year!

  • 7

  • Yeah nobody cares.

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  • Try to come back?? Bih they won

  • The Rays need to really enjoy that moment because they won't be able to win the World Series against the almighty Dodgers.

  • When god adds in a little help. Obviously a Rays fan

  • 9:56 damn it was that close to ending the whole thing

  • 🔥🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Can these FOX announcers be any more biased in the Dodgers favor?! how about being objective you brown nosers...

  • What a win!

  • How about that contact. Sweet swing, sweet hit. Rays win it.

  • ㅆㅂ 저정도면 글러브에 구멍 뚫어놈

  • Wasn't worth the seven You Tube commercials I had to endure for that video...

  • The Dodgers choked again.

  • Way too many ads.

  • The Rays players ran on the field to celebrate before the winning run even scored. Damn that could have been a nasty interference call.

  • Baseball is the sport where nothing happens for 30 mins then everything happens in 30 seconds 😆

  • I can’t believe that happened GO RANDY

  • IMO, i felt that Brent Phillips was owed two karmic blessings for the two bad strike calls, especially the one outside ...(second strike) .... Yes, i get that the first inside strike was iffy, but com'on .. it is the World Series! .. and Blu(s) have been almost perfect up until now.... So Brent was owed two errors.. See how that works!

  • Buck and smoltz 2 Very Low Energy guys. My god it was as if they are broadcasting a funeral. My goodness

  • Game 2-2 guy is called out on first...he wa s safe! It just happened. I just want to say I saw it. My eyes are quicker than the damn camera. He was safe.

  • Even if the rays lose we still did good 😭😭

  • The dodgers really messed up on that play

  • bruh i don’t even watch baseball, but tampa bay is in my state so

  • A furious finish for a World Series Game!

  • Tsutsugo will be back to Japan next season.

  • always fun to watch little league blunders. oh wait these are pros. think there a missed strike 3 check swing call. But mlb has to make money. dodgers in 7.

  • Oh my goodness! Never say never again! Arozarena stretched out on the ground slapping home plate and laughing. That's a forever classic picture, almost as good as the Bobby Orr picture.

  • Did that ball hit the umpire ?

  • I’m a Yankee fan and don’t care who really wins, but this was fun to watch. Kudos to the Rays for not giving up and fighting all the way to the end.

  • Brilliant!

  • The moment we all came for 14:20 ...

  • 14:25 Double Doink time. Thank you Chris Collinsworth.

  • GO CUBS !!

  • When the worst player on the team wins game 4 to tie the series up 🤔👌🏼🤯

  • I'd like to give my own Joe Kelly pouty face to that sad sack Kenley Jansen. Awww, po, po baby. Wah wah.

  • I love when athletes give thanks to God for someone else's mistake.

  • As a Oakland A's Fan...This was Greatt...Thank You Rays!..

  • How can you not be romantic about baseball?

  • I've watched it hundreds times. I believe I'll watch thousands times.

  • More exciting than the NBA finals this year

  • go Rays

  • Almost looks intentional to hype up the rest of the series... idk Jansen shoulda been bashing the catcher but idk Jansen would have beat buddy to the plate ..

  • Baseball game is starting from 9th 2nd out

  • Lets Go Rays

  • Kevin Cash vindicated. Great moment for Phillips, Cheryl and Kevin Kiermaier.