이사 후 일주일동안 밀키복이탄이는요~

게시일 2021. 04. 05.
시청해주셔서 감사합니다!
-번역 / subs
영어 / English : Sarah Lee
스페인어 / Spanish : amigo coreano
러시아어 / Russian : Surgey Urazov
중국어(Chinese), 인도네시아어(Indonesian) : Monica Christina
일본어 / Japanese : Yuri
태국어 / Thai : Nart Piengpaj
터키어 / Turkish : Wildcard.13
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묘종 : 노르웨이 숲 고양이
이름 : 광복이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.08.15
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견종 : 사모예드
이름 : 밀키
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2018.12.03
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묘종 : 길고양이(유기동물 보호소 구조묘, 코리안 숏헤어)
이름 : 탄이
성별 : 수컷
생년월일 : 2020년 4월 말 추정
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Name : Gwang Bok
Type : Norwegian Forest
Sex : male
Birth : 15.08.2018
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Name : Milky
Type : Samoyed
Sex : male
Birth : 03.12.2018
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Name : Tan
Type : Ginger Domestic Shorthair/Tabby
Sex : male
Birth : Late April, 2020(estimate)


  • Oh my, it's Giant Tan at 4:28! looks like he's pondering whether or not to eat the house lol

  • Tan cepat besar pintar mereka akur selalu lucu2

  • Have u ever considered getting another dog, mostly for milky? Since the cats have each other.

  • I love and like these games between cats and cat and dog. 😍

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  • Amazing😍🤗

  • I am sorry, but I am so jealous of Milky's shower! I have 5 Cotons and would love to get something made like that 😕 Do you remember when you first started KO-u if you thought it would provide you with so much?

  • ชอบคะ น่ารักมากมาย💖💝💖💝

  • ♥️🐾3 musketeers🐾♥️🐈🐕🐅

  • The thumbnail makes your cat look like a giant.

  • I really love watching these Three fellas. It relaxes me from the stressful happenings in the world and I thank u for that

  • Love when the little bro talking to Milky at the big window wowww so warm and love 💕

  • Happy to see you and kids have this super nice house indeed. I love that sunlight though and seeing your daily happiness spending with kids makes me feel peaceful and happy at the same time. Wish you and your kids the most happiness and peace including good health. Love from Thailand 💕

  • When there’s more pet toys than house furniture, we know who’s more important. 😁.... the picture for this video, the angle of your cat, it look like your cat was inside a doll house, everything looks smaller from where your cat is sitting 😁

  • i love watching them playing around ❤❤❤

    • wow! my heart is so full getting a heart react from this channel 😍 thank u and pls. continue to upload videos of your kids, these are really good stress reliever during this pandemic. more power MilkyBokiTan!

  • Очень добрые детки!!!!

  • Tan ,GB & MILky love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Even though the Urdu subtitles are not exactly correct but I am happy that you made subtitles in Urdu too Thank you for your effort

  • GB is me when I have to put up with my clingy younger sister, except I would never tolerate her being so close to me compared to GB. GB is amazingly patient.

  • Смотрю и улыбаюсь.

  • Luv your babies, so sweet. Home is where you all are.

  • I love watching them play and chase each other! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

  • It is great there is so much to watch outside the window. It's so cute that Tan takes couch next to the cat tower that is Milky's spot.

  • Bro... you put the camera bit too far....we want closer look at them playing around xoxo love n hugs

  • Красивые у вас животные .

  • Milky is Majestic, GB patient and wise, Tan is playful💜

  • Have you thought about training GB and Tan to harnesses to take them outside? They look so sweet observing the outdoors activities.

  • прелесть!

  • It's fun to watch them chase around😄😃

  • It's a beautiful place, congratulations on the successful move. You all look happy and peaceful in your new home (I love all the sunshine too) 👋

  • 3:04 xD

  • Why you always take the video out from cctv? I'm sorry but the quality isn't good enough. Can you just use your camera? Cause your camera quality is way much better. Just a suggestion. Btw congratulation for your new house!! Love from indonesia 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • 🐶😺😸🤩😍👍

  • Its such a blessing watching them run around, play and interact. Its like living in an easier world of love....💕 for me you guys are a much comforting company.... the gift of pets

  • I'm curious if there's a short cut to the bedrooms from the kitchen or do you have to come round the living area first. (Actually what I really want to know is whether the kiddies can run around the partition in a circle like in the old house or if they chase one another to the bedrooms, they have to come back out the same way?

  • We love the new kitty sofa!

  • I'm glad they have interesting things to watch out the window!

  • Well done. Good live

  • Hahaha we finally see the butler using the sofa 😂😂😂 6:34

  • They're so cute i wanna cry 😭 i want to meet them

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  • 거의 모든 동물은 아기 때가 더 예쁜데 탄이는 크면서 더 예뻐지네요 다들 건강하길...^^

  • Missss yoooou MilkyBokiTan 😚😚😚

  • I love the way he call the pets kids

  • 보고싶었어요 ~~우리 3형제

  • 1:02 세젤귀 밀키 🤍

  • ооо Тан как аырос😀😙😍😍😍😍

  • Very relaxing & lovely, thank you. I hope you are all happy.

  • У вас весело! Дружная семейка 😄 Очень понравился новый дом и мебель для питомцев.👍❤

  • Rumah kalian tampak lebih besar dari sebelumnya,, senang juga lihat Milky, Tan dan Boki lincah dan sehat ,,, salam dari fans indonesia 😻😘

  • this brings me so much peace and joy. i love it.

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  • Lol 😂always so nice to see you all so happy 😀 take care

  • Felicidades y que hermosos se ven ,estan felices

  • So happy for you

  • Gee, it's really nice of the three kids to let you live in their playground. You seem to have provided the best of everything for them and how great to see them having such fun. I hope you are enjoying life as much as they are! 🙂

  • Where can I buy those sound dampening floor tiles? I could definitely use them for my dog

  • They are all very beautiful, I hope they will always be happy 😊

  • Demaciado hermosos los tres angelitos.

  • 3:26 Cats P.O.V.: I wish I could go to school

  • 1:33 That's the cutest yin and yang I've ever saw

  • Best house ever

  • 하.. 개고양이 키우며 사는 웰빙라이프 부럽다

  • i just realised that milky looks like 9 tailes from pokemon our tan grew so well when he came he was so tinytan.... butlers fed him well! ;)) :>

  • I ❤ you so much.. MilkyBoKiTan ...😍😘🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Well, they are lucky to have someone like you. Your new home shows, you love your cats and a dog and you have provided the best home for them. Your home is well designed for your animals to enjoy their daily lives. Your house and animals look very clean. Thank you for sharing this video. Greetings from Arizona!

  • 3:04 ngl that was smooth

  • The thumbnail looks like a cat looking at a miniature office.

  • change your filipino translator, hire me for part time instead 😂

  • อยู่ด้วยกันได้เล่นกัน น่ารักมากเลย❤️❤️🥰

  • Hola. Cuidado con esa cuerda con la que juegas con Milky. Mi gatita se tragó un cordón de tennis y estuvo en peligro de muerte. Mil besos.🇪🇦🇩🇴

  • Tan reminds me my Hemo.Same colour same naughty.He is gone now..maybe still alive or maybe already dead.I missed him so much.😭

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  • Me on the thumbnail: Dat a big cat.

  • Cats love to watch things. My cat is free to go inside and out but she likes to sit on the chair by the window, just as much as going out. Do your cats think your dog is disgusting? as if he had smelly gym socks. That is how my cat treats my dog

  • I love to your cat especially GB

  • GB and Tan so big 😍🥰😘

  • Какая милая семья, вы очень хорошие хозяева своим детям. Здоровье вам всем.

  • They're really having fun 😍😍

  • Ваши питомцы прекрасны 👍🏻🥰😘❤️❤️❤️

  • They are so beautiful. I loved! Milky I love youuuuuuuúu 🥰💕

  • I just love milky, he is so cute. Actually I am a dog lover but the only dog I love the most is milky you have trained him so well.I just want to say I am in love with milky.

  • Well he is a stunner, so don't blame you for being mesmerized. ; )

  • that's a beautiful area and view the cats have..


  • I love you

  • Just watching Tan yawn, makes me yawn.

  • Thank you for sharing your home and these 3 beautiful and wonderful creatures with us. Their darling personalities and the immense love between all of you brings so much healing and joy to the world. 🙏🥰

  • I'm wondering~ don't you get distracted by them playing around while you are working or else?

  • What's the monthly rent of this house

  • I've watched this about four times. I just love watching them interact with each other. They seem to be sooo happy and adjusted really well to the move. It soothing to watch before bedtime.

  • I love how wholesome these videos! Love this channel! Hope you're all doing well!

  • Cô vẫn thường theo doi 3 đứa bé này vì nó rất đáng yêu với cô

  • I’m happy to see the kids are doing well! And to know that your youngest son tan is getting the rest he needs ~ good job tan :)

  • 구독자 엄청나네요

  • 와우~~ 아이들이 볕도 좋고 볼거리도 너무 많아서 편안하고 행복해 보이네요~~ 이사 잘가셨네요👍👍👍

  • These animals are brilliant. They've trained a human to serve them. Kudos! 🤣

  • Nothing beats red cats.

  • So considerate you selected this home for all of you ♥️ a loving family in a loving home. 🙂