LOKATION - A Combat Sports Film by Hizzer

게시일 2020. 08. 02.
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2018 hosted the biggest UFC event ever when Dagestan's best, Khabib Nurmagomedov, fought Irish superstar, Conor McGregor. Covering the bad blooded feud, LOKATION follows both fighters' journeys from UFC 205 in New York, all the way to their inevitable showdown at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.

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  • So this all started cause someone was confused and upset why everything was about McGregor.

  • When it cuts to “if one of us goes to war we all go to war” no matter what you think about Conor that will always give chills. He’s def ride or die and someone you would want on your side on the battlefield. Me being a big Conor fan it’s still hard not To love khabib he’s a freaking monster and imo the goat... I for sure want to see the rematch I believe Conor can beat him but it def won’t be easy... khabib is the gold standard. And Jones (but Jones has asterisks next to his career) khabib doesn’t. He’s flawless

  • It was absolutely amazing, the best video I have ever watched on KO-u. You have something my friend. I do believe something big are waiting for you in the near future. Congrats man 🎉

  • This is easily my favorite thing to watch when I’m training

  • This was really well done man you should be proud of your self and anyone on your production team if you have any. I'm ready for this McGregor fight, too bad Khabib retired.

  • Thats genius work!

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  • wow....JUST WOW!

  • O shit,Conner about to eat some Humble Pie

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  • I doubt Khabib swore at Dana White

  • 1:28:38. Thats smile from conor was an indication that he realised that his mouth was writing cheques he couldnt cash.

  • UgLiest EnDing... Dana White... Meanwhile... Highest pay perview lel

  • Brilliant, this is perfect.

  • Just like Iron Sheik said; Khabib made him humble

  • After getting shot from mecroger he still like come on boy . That was where mecregoer mentality destroyed 😂

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  • مادرشو ..... حرف بزن 😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Moral of the lesson Never give your location to Khabib.

  • The minute 1:38:30 I laughed, I saw the expression on his face, because he was a hero, he lost lol ahahaha

  • It's have nave seen anything like this b4.💪💪💪🦁 angry lion 🦁 beat your opponent and beet he's all friends .just a one man.you r the best bro .they say nave woke up a sleepy lion 🦁 you don't know what r you gonna get .and that is the truth 🤜🤛

  • Nice

  • 16:07 Mystic Mac 🐸

  • oh would you look at that , an elephant beefing with an ant LOL

  • The way Khabib controls another man on the ground is awesome to see. He’s like a restricting python you can’t get him off you.

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  • i must say this is probably one of the best films i’ve watched to date

  • Awesome... I realy love how you made it like a real movie ❤️❤️❤️ its genius

  • Хабиб готов был убить конора

  • ♡♡♡ alHamdulillah ♡♡♡

  • 1.35.35 that look of Khabib...he just killed him with that look

  • Amazing work. Like amazing. And I'm a big fan of both Khabib and Conor. What great characters we have the pleasure of experiencing. The confidence and conviction of these two men, in their own ways is so compelling.

  • hands down the best 1 hour and 40 mins i have spent so far in my life i love what you guys did amazing

  • The guy who edited this video is the GOAT

  • Oh my gawd ........ Shocked bruh. you're so good ❤️❤️❤️

  • I just got done watching this video.... And I am a Conor McGregor fan.... Connor lets his anger take up most of the space in his brain, and doesn't leave much for strategy while he's in the octagon. That is McGregor's biggest adversary! Not only that, but I think we can all see what I'm talking about i.e. the van incident. One thing that McGregor needs to do is figure his opponent out.... A lot of his losses were due to submissions...... He needs to get a better ground game and not let his anger dictate what he is going to do. I think Conor McGregor is an awesome warrior! He has stepped up his game, by launching more kicks etc. Now what McGregor did to khabib's bus and the people in it getting injured was out of hand..... Again that's Connor's anger and frustration..... And he paid the price they stripped him of his belt and he paid his debt to the justice system. Okay, so after the fight khabib let's his anger loose and jumps into McGregor's trainers throwing punches and landing them thus hurting people..... That's assault!... The actions of both of them were out of control and should be dealt with accordingly!.. I haven't done my research into what happened post fight and if khabib got charged with anything and vice versa?!...this is the first time I got to see the fight, I wanted to watch it sooner, but I just didn't have time to get around to it. So what I'm trying to get at here is why does khabib get to get revenge violently out of the octagon on McGregor's corner/trainers?... And not get stripped of his belt?.... I don't care how you spin the bottle..... Violence outside of the octagon whether it be the way McGregor did it?.... Or the way khabib did it?.... Violence is violence no matter what! McGregor's display might have been more destructive..... While khabib's was non-destructive, but the point is people display their violent actions in different ways.... And like I said violence is violence no matter what way you cut it!.khabib was violent and struck more than one person so if Mr White wants to be fair he should also do something to the champ.... That's very unprofessional, and frankly it seems a little unbiased in my opinion.... Mr White had time to implement some kind of rule, after the van incident, if anything McGregor was an example of what can happen when you attack violently outside of the octagon..... But no after the van incident khabib got away with his revenge outside of the octagon with McGregor's team and still holds the belt!?!?..... What's wrong with this picture?.... Violence is violence!!!!..... Yes, McGregor's conduct was more violent..... Throwing a dolly through the window...... People getting cut by the glass..... Etc. In my opinion....... It doesn't matter if one person's act of violence is more violent than the other persons... . I said it time and time again violence is violence....... If a guy or a woman shoots another person with a 12 gauge.... That's violence... If a person stabs another person that's violence.. in this case I don't think that the amount of violence or the way the violence was directed should not be weighed in. What I mean by that is it's the fact that violence was displayed by The fighter outside of the octagon...... After khabib still held on to his belt...... Should have been celebrating and thanking Allah for blessing him with the belt..... Instead he went on a rampage...... I think it should be stated that if any fighter displays violence outside of the octagon to any other fighter or someone in the crowd for that matter...... Should be punished.... And if you happen to have a belt or belts you should be stripped of the belts....... This last one about being stripped of the belts or belt?... Is just a idea stemming from what they did to McGregor...... They can't show favoritism, they can't let one fighter get away with revenge and not another...... Another opinion I have is the reason McGregor was stripped of his belt was because he was taking too long to defend it!.... Politics my friend.....

  • Si bajaba khabib lo.mata literalmente

  • Some effort went into making this thanks it's greatly appreciated a spectacular piece of work

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  • Let's talk now !

  • the title got me 💀

  • g'damn dude the ufc is gonna be calling you soon to offer you big money and you deserve it the production is unreal.💯👏🏾

  • Oh my Allah I feel ashamed not paying for this mate. Please put this up on Netflix Love from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Superb

  • Can somebody tell me I’m not watching Netflix documentary

  • That never stained his performance. Goes to show how Dana and Conor's circus backfired. For Dana letting Conor do what he wanted.

  • Very good

  • A impressão que dá é que se estivessem só os dois no cage e mais ninguém para separar é que o Khabib iria assassinar o Mcgregor com as mãos

  • Отличный фильм,спасибо бойцам.Спасибо,режисёру!!!👍👍👍

  • And yes Khabib smashed their boy 👌🏻👍🏼

  • Khabib is over par eagle

  • Amazing documentary brotha.

  • Dominick Cruz before they fight. "This is great because these two guys hate eachother" After the fight "This is not how you want to represent the sport" This is what happens when guys hate eachother.

  • Who came here after he said Khabib retired cause he feared him ...... ?😂

    • Lmao me but honestly I'm here again after everything. What's funny is Conor has the chicken jaw, glass jaw. 😂

  • Send me lokation❤️❤️❤️❤️ Khabib is great

  • 1:04:35 mans called khabib a hard man in groups, but flew half of ireland with him to call on khabib.

  • Boxen ist so ehrenlos

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  • Man thnks for this! Awsome.

  • amazing video.

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  • 52:28 The face Artem makes when he knew he fucked up

  • Wow!!! Really enjoyed that great 👍 👌 😀

  • Bro this guy made a masterpiece👍💯

  • Mashalla khabib very nice boys

  • “I don’t think there’s gonna be any mcgregor fans after this.” Are you kidding?? That made me an even bigger mcgregor fan!

  • Khabib is what a champion should sound and look like. The best!

  • Love that Twin Peaks tone at the end when the credits rolled.

  • Khabib the EAGLE 🦅🦅🦅🦅❣️❣️❣️

  • That is a piece of art that i would pay a million dollars for.

  • Mg Groger is a caward not worth a champ

  • habib ,is the real champ,ever.alhamdulilah

  • The rear choke wasn't even under his chin lmaooooo quitter didn't want no more smoke.

    • Conor "Chicken Jaw" McGregor. Lmao little did he know he was projecting himself lmao

    • @a 2 I didn't say it wasn't painful. There's alot of mma fighters who would never tap over or under the chin. For all the mouthing he did it's laughable.

    • Ngl it's still painful. It feels like your jaw is about to pop off. Most people would tap.

  • best editing of the best mma match in the world, what a masterpiece, but i really am so sad that your videos not monetize :(

  • Didn’t Dana die in 2018?

  • What’s with the white wigs?.

  • Mac Gregor is such a theatrical blowhard.

  • Is that joe Rogan ? He’s so gay.

  • Khabibb

  • بسیار عالی مبارزه کردی حبیب الحمدالله حسبی الله و نام الوکیل حبک ❤❤💐💐🙏🙏

  • Khibib is great, Conor is great, justin is great . Khibib beat them both, in my opinion when greats fight and to honestly say you are better you should have to beat them twice.

  • blessed to watch this for free

  • No matter how Good u are always be humble Cos God love those who stay humble like #khapip God will lift them up those who stay humble......

  • Can‘t believe I watched all of this. Keep up the good work bro!

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  • You have inspired me.. thank you ❤️

  • This is a very good, well put together film. I've watched this twice now and always go back and watch Khabib vs McGregor afterwards. Connor ran down a Man, his Father, his Family, his Country and his Religion. Connor was lucky to leave the octagon upright to be honest.

  • Conor, dont send your location to khabib, because khabib will smash your face... Conor the loser man ever..

  • 1:27:30🤩

  • Great video had to watch it twice amazing job

  • Suck edit!!!! This is 🔥🔥

  • Connor won't land a single punch on Floyd. Connor: lands like 1000

    • Connor's face wasn't even SLIGHTLY swollen from Mayweather's weak-ass little pitter-pat punches!

    • What happened next is what happened the entire fight. 10 rounds of Connor being pulled off Floyd by the paid referee every time Connor started lighting him up. Then the referee stopped the fight with Connor still standing and throwing because he knew if he let the fight go another 2 rounds, Floyd would be toast. Connor wasn't gassed, he was just bored with the referee playing mama bear to Floyd. Think Mayweather would ever do a rematch? Nah, no chance Mayweather KNOWS Connor would whoop his ass just like he did the first time, but only survived because of a bogus referee.

    • @Bills Franktex Sorry, I have this annoying medical condition that makes me state facts.

    • What happened next?

  • I just wanted to watch a little bit.. 1 hour and 40 minutes later here I am middle in the night and watched the whole thing. Great work guys!

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  • Hizzer Edits, this is now your 2nd highest viewed video. Congratulations. 🎉 We're going for that number 1 spot. Undefeated, Undisputed Champ *(LOKATION)*

    • You deserve it. This is a Masterpiece! This is one off those movies/documentaries you can watch over an over. It's a fascinating watch. Goosebumps from start to end. All the editing, all the research. Perfectly put together. Amazing!

    • thanks man & I love to hear that!

  • Great production overall . Loved the intro , music and vedio. Flow of the story is awesome... ✌🏽

  • Not much brings me joy like seeing McGregor tap... Except maybe Ronda Rousey getting KOed.

  • The immigrant song in McGregor vs Alvarez had me fired up !!