[MV] Highlight(하이라이트) _ NOT THE END(불어온다)

게시일 2021. 05. 03.
[MV] Highlight(하이라이트) _ NOT THE END(불어온다)

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  • Hshshsueueuueue thank you for everything

  • 내가수들 콘서트 빨리 보고싶다 얼마나 더 기다려야하나...

  • Congrats 1st win today

  • 오늘 1위 축하행 오빠덜 계속 1위 가주아~

  • 나는 항상 당신을 지원합니다 👍🏻

  • Try our best :’) come on everyone

  • 음중 일위 가보자고 뮤빗 가보자고

  • 뮤비 열심히 봐야 내일 상 받을 확률 높아져요!!!! 파이팅 🌟

  • 더쇼 1위 축하해 쇼챔도 가보자 라이트 뮤비 달려~~~~~

  • Love it😍

  • Wooowwwwww iam baffled... shookett...😍😍😍😍🥰 this is amazing highlight is literally serving us looks quality and a original content I dig it I dig the song even more iam a ‘light’ now ✨💕

  • 하이라이트 고마워요

  • NOT THE END 1st win @ The Show! Congrats!~💚

  • feels relaxing after the long day.

  • fresh

  • 1위 기념 댓 남기러 왔다~^^ #하이라이트 #불어온다 #윤두준 #양요섭 #이기광 #손동운 #많관부

  • AAAHHHHHHGG!!! I miss you guys so much ㅠㅠ

  • 일위 축하해야애야야야야ㅑㅇ야 이번주 일위가자!!0

  • #Highlight #하이라이트 #윤두준 #양요섭 #이기광 #손동운 #불어온다 #The_Blowing #대박나자 #Kpop #singer #hotguys 💙💛💚💜

  • #NotTheEnd1stWin at The Show 🏆 Congratulations to Highlight & Light 👏🎊 Fact: This is their 60th win if we count since their debut in 2009 as BEAST (48 wins as #BEAST & 12 wins as #HIGHLIGHT) #HIGHLIGHT60thWin

  • 우리들에게 다시 불어와줘서 고마워.. 기다리는 건 힘들지 않아♥♥ 봄과 함께 다시 와 줘서 고마워 노래 정말 좋아💡💡💡💡💡👍👍👍

  • ❤❤❤❤하이라이트 불어온다 더쇼 1위 축하해❤❤❤❤


  • Congratulations HIGHLIGHT This Come Back 🏆 Win In The Show.

  • Engene here Congratulations Highlight you deserved it too.

  • 또 보러 왔어!

  • Congrats Highlight for your first win today!


  • Congratulations for your win in THE SHOW!!!! Deserve

  • "I'm still here it's not the end" I really like the song. It’s a gorgeous, melodic and, most impressively. The melody and lyrics are really beautiful. Their voices is also very precise, not exaggerated. This is what makes this song pleasant to hear. It's sad that they made a comeback with an incomplete member. but I hope Highlight would have been a perfectly fine. Honestly, I'm not a fan of them, but I always like their songs. They always provide quality at their music, and never disappoint their listeners.

  • I love you boys

  • 다른 멤버 외모랑 실력은 알았는데 이기광 이분 이렇게 잘 생겼는지 첨 알았네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 11/5/2021 FIRST WIN


  • 1st win: The Show 11/5/2021


  • Yeay congrats for 1st win 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Highlight 'not the end' got their first win at today 'the show'! Congratulations 🎉

  • Guys highlight got their 1st win congratulation to everyone 🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  • I've been support beast and highlight since 2014 How about you?

  • Support :33

  • I'm in love with their mv 😍😍

  • Let's for HIGHLIGHT The Show winner. Aja......

  • the song is too catchy loving it....

  • 1 Week : 15M

  • Lights!!!! First nomination on MTV the show for these men.. Let's vote!!! Download starpass let's go!!! It's a live vote.. Less than 1 hr to vote..

  • Been with them since my 11 years old now 21 years old 😍

  • nice song

  • 2021 is the year of 2nd generation comback

  • 2nd gen group comebacks hits differently

  • Thank you Highlight for presenting us such a masterpiece.

  • Still here, had a final today. But I am here~

  • BEAUTIFUL!!! 💕❤💕

  • I really love the song ❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm still here, too :)

  • Yeahh you guys are still heree and it is not the end yet!! Stanning u guys since i was in primary school, and now im on my second year of college. How fast time flies 😢

  • Omg Where I've been!!! Didnt know they change name to highlight ㅠㅠ

  • Oh my God my idol

  • I'm still here. 💙💛💚❤

  • Well ... They may be 13 years in k - pop , but they are new to me .. and I love the song . And welcome back .. ♥️

    • awwww welcome to Light family, you will love it here. Till this day I think this fandom is the nicest and sweetest 💕💕 You should visit Highlight's Dingo Killing Voice segment to get a taste of their sound c: I like all of their songs, but I am mostly a sucker for their B-sides. So from this minialbum, I've been obsessed with "Disconnected" 💕

  • I'm new here. Who's who

    • Thank you for supporting our boys and welcome to the fandom. If you want to know more about them, check out their medley discography on dingo killing voice

    • Welcome to Light family~ 💕💕

    • 0:19 Yoon Dujun (Leader, Vocalist) 2:57 Yang Yoseob (Main Vocalist) 2:32 Lee Gikwang (Main Dancer, Vocalist) 2:23 Son Dongwoon (Maknae, Lead Vocalist)

  • Why it's freezing?

    • I'm not sure. Maybe, the streaming are decreasing or this channel have problems

  • 하이라이트가 있어야 가요계가 짱이지

  • Should we report the vi3w to KO-u? It's weird that both channel has fre3zing vi3ws since days ago :( I wonder what happened?

    • Maybe it' has been hacked. Sorry just my opinion

    • @Muhammad Zubair Reviewing process takes 12-72 hours. It has been almost 2 days since the views were frozen. The views increased by 30000 in last 20 hours. That’s just too drastic change.

    • I think we should the views are literally freezed

  • 윤두준 진짜 잘생겼다...

  • Did anyone notice something in their song Sorry? When i listen to the song closely, I heard a voice of someone is talking . Is it just me with my random delusion or... 🤔

  • Vine a escuchar esta canción por Wooyoung y vaya tremenda joyita ♡

  • finally can see their comeback again

  • 🤍🤍🤍

  • 유투브에도 하트가 있으묜 하루종일 누를 자신 있어~~~!!!

  • 일주일이 지났는데도 아직도 음원 발매 순간 뮤비 처음 보는 순간 그 긴장과 떨림이 아직도 계속된다 정말 행복하자 하이라이트🤍

  • 😍😍😍 hello from Guatemala. 🌸

  • Highlight songs never disappoints

  • This is my first comeback as a Light. I stan them days after their main rapper left the group.

    • Thank you for supporting our boys and welcome to the fandom baby light

    • omg... honestly.. that's good. At that time, I literally stopped listening to kpop for a good 3 month until my friend forced me to watch mamamoo videos. Anyways, this comeback was very veryyyy bittersweet and I was hesitant to even listen to the album because..I'm still hurt. But the song is so healing and comforting. And the album is so good. And their vocals T^T so beautiful~


  • I came back to them after 11 years. I prefer HIGHLIGHT. They were one of the biggest highlights of my life and were one of the first groups I stanned as a rookie K-POP fan.

  • 하이라이트❤️

  • gooooood♥♥ 너무 좋아. 진짜 좋아. 설레이고 행복하고. 볼 때마다 기분 좋아 하이라이트 고마워💕

  • Mil gracias por regresar a mi vida TT, siempre estaré con ustedes

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gikwang its my 1st bias when im 15yo, hes adorable and always make my heart attack. I'll always support you, i wish youre happy and healthy 💚

  • 💚💚💚💚🇲🇽💚💚💚💚 😍🧘

  • What happen lights it looks like it doesn't increasing the views..are we stuck at 15m and 700+k? Please do stream and support are boys.. #highlightletsgo

    • YT froze the views of both channel. It's not like we did not streaming at all 😞

  • Finally♥️♥️♥️

  • ELF here to support 2nd Gen to dominate 2021 charts! Their songs has different aura, aint beast like but still catchy, ringing through ears, soft and its a call, calling for beauty! I love everything about this cb. Definitely, they're still here, it's not the end! Hwaiting Highlight and Light!

  • Wow, after reading the comments, don't know how I missed this amazing group. They got such good voice, music is awesome and aesthetically pleasing video quality. All the ingredients in right place. Love and support from India. 💜🇮🇳

    • @Stay for Highlight Thanks. 🙏🏽 Will surely watch.

    • Thank you for supporting our boys. If you want to know more about them I recommend you to watch their medley from dingo killing voice

  • Coming from Jessi Showterview......and I am glad I did it. I am in love with the chorus. Congratulations Highlight and its fandom. You all deserve the love from everywhere.

    • Thank you for supporting our boys. If you want to know more about them, I recommend you to watch their medley from dingo killing voice

  • I’m still here too! My very first group that i stan 🥺❤️❤️❤️ this song has the vibe that makes me feel proud ❤️

  • Literal lo escuché más de 100 veces y no me canso ❤️❤️❤️

  • Junhyung i miss u I love boys, i miss u

  • ko-u.info/losk/bidio/nXuCg22dn6lmeZ8

  • 실력자들!! ♡♡

  • Fighting for streaming. HIGHLIGHT ILU


    • It's ok ♡ Highlight has many good songs

    • It is never too late to like a song. Thank you for liking it and showing your support for this group ❤️


  • I am so happy to see them! They have been my favorite group since highschool and I'm so happy to still have music from them!

  • 불어온다 하이라이트가 우리에게 불어온다

  • 15.6m

  • A M O, E S A R T E 😍

  • Why there shots of them being tired, is Highlight boys tired, they need rest and come back with more passion and energy

    • The shots don’t mean that they are tired. They actually showing that Highlight were alone and lonely at the beginning of the video. They are sad because it seems like they are alone and Lights are not there. But, later in the video when the wind blow, they become happy again. This is because the wind represents Lights (their fans), so they know that Lights are with them and no longer sad.