펜타곤(PENTAGON) - 'DO or NOT' Official Music Video

게시일 2021. 03. 15.
펜타곤(PENTAGON) - 'DO or NOT' Official Music Video
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I don't care if you DO or NOT
상관없어 No matter what you say
말 좀 해봐 좀 DO or NOT
며칠째 또 또 또 똑같아
너의 말을 곱씹어 난
늘 그렇게 다음을 또
I don't care about you
밀어내지 또 Curling
And you look like The Rolling Stones
이랬다저랬다 근데 난 정했다가
아무것도 모르는 널 보면 못 믿겠어
난 그냥 덤덤 무뎌져 가 점점
Oh DO or NOT 네 맘대로 하세요
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
Do do hey not not
You say do do or not
좋다고 하든가 나랑 살든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
매일 난 빌었겠지 All day and night (All day)
늘 그렇게 아무도 안 부럽게 (Always)
I don't understand 아니면 뭐 어때?
I'm ok 갈 데까지 가
난 그래 더 더 무뎌져 가 점점
Oh DO or NOT 네 맘대로 하세요
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
Do do hey not not
You say do do or not
좋다고 하든가 나랑 살든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
떠나라고 너 잘 사나 보자고
있는 힘껏 널 지워보려고
가볍게 지워 가볍게 미워해
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
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  • I'm back with another acc lol

  • They are singing good for me Pentagon swag Dance move nice voice

  • Si no subo comentarios,no es porque no reproduzca el MV es porque hay veces que no se me ocurre nada,pero siempre veo y escucho a mis REYES HERMOSOS, HUI, YUTO, WOOSEOK, YAN AN, SHINWON, HONGSEOK, YEOONE, KINO y JINHO,los amo PTG, SARANGHAE UNIVERSE

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  • We'll be str34ming until we reach 30M.

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  • *googles how to be that girl*

  • My YanAn is the reason why I am still using wired earphones. It's simply not romantic sharing wireless earphones with someone you like!

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  • I am new... sorry for asking, is 1:59 kino/hui? they both look similar...

  • Los amo muchísimo chicos

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  • The members dancing with each other in the back has me dead lmaooo

    • This music video and humph have so many great comedic moments!

  • This is really a good song. I love the beat and vibe of it. Plus the lyrics is good too. Hmm #aroha


  • can we talk about their contagious smiles?

  • Me encanta la canción ♡

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  • Day 5: happy happy birthday to jinho and hongseok 💙 I hope that both of their days are filled with wonderful memories! The following videos are really close to 1m: -Daisy music video (1thek)

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    • @Mirus Yes... Eng subtitles are there

    • are there subs for that video?

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  • Dude I found this some like 3 days ago and I’ve been constantly listening to it nonstop 🙂 help I’m addicted to this song

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    • M here (^з^)

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  • Happy Birthday Jinho and Hongseok ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪ Thank u for all the hardwork and hope your all wishes come true. Stay Safe and Healthy

  • My birthday msg got deleted... Never mind I'll post it again

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  • wbk, pentagon never disappoints us whenever it comes to musicality. breath if you agree

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  • QUESTION: What is the dance at 2:02 and WHY is it not longer hahah LOVE IT!

    • There's slightly bit more in Pentory - the one when they are makig this MV :) I love it as well, they are so good in it.

    • We don't know... and yes we would also like to see more of that portion of the video.

  • Streaming ❤️!!

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    • @atika Tika ohhh, the one who wore blue on 0:41

    • I mean which hongseok ??

    • omg sorry, but what do u mean? I'm also a new universe from daisy era

    • can I ask which Hongseok is sorry I just found out about PENTAGON ??

  • Está canción es muy adictiva

  • I still don't know most of there name or stories but i cant stop listening to their title tracks daisy and do or not. These are Bops!!! They're like one of the groups that doesn't give you the cliche genre we hear these days. I think these songs literally have Pentagon labeled on them.

    • @Darryl De guzman I'll try my best and learn their names. I think I'm gonna be listening to the song a lot!! Thankyouuu btw♡♡ And i Love that youre a Carat! ㅋㅋ

    • Hi my fellow carat (i'm also a universe so let me help you) Pink hair-kino Blue hair- yanan Black and white stripes-yuto Green and white stripes-shinwon Red and white stripes-yeoone Coat with yellow inner-hui Lavander longsleeves-hongseok Jinho -not in mv in military for now True those two songs are legendary Daisy gave them their 1st music show win Do or Not gave them their first #1 charting song on GENIE chart multiple times. Please keep loving PENTAGON, they are very talented and humble as a group

  • i will always here to support talented pentagon

    • Thank you so much for supporting our boys and have a great day!!

  • they deserve more

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  • 61K for 25.3M 💪

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  • 今日も日課のDO or NOT🎶

    • いつもありがとう😊

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  • مءروعااغنءبتءس

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  • UNIVERSE I need your help with something... There is group, its name is TRCNG. They are so underrated... Can you help with str34ming their song "MISSING" while str34ming DO or NOT? PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP ♡

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    • A bit late but of course we can help ! ;)

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    • Of coursee

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    • With other Donut versions, m madly in love with Brand New Relay too ;-)

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  • Pentagon is now officially Brand Ambassador for Tipco Korea. Ad will be releasing on April 19, 21 Yeahhhh Yeahhhh Yipeeee ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

    • @Mirus ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

    • Shinwon must really be happy. He likes tipco!!

  • 30M donut ? Lets goooo

  • Present, this song is too good. I played this without thnking about vyus

  • Do or Not era will always have a special place in my heart ♡

  • Honestly It's not your 1st time here whahaha wew.. ofcourse Keep Streaming... This song is so addictive

  • Coming here for my afternoon snack.. 🍩🍩

  • Pentagon never miss 🔥

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  • So what I don't caree~

  • DONUT♡♡


  • Hello fellow Unis!!! Let's do our best to get Do or Not (English ver.) playing on radio stations tomorrow(Friday) and Saturday!! It'll be great exposure!!!

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • cuando salió daisy me decidí a ayudar al fandom, pero con do or not me pasé una noche en vela viendo contenido de los chicos y me enamoré de todos ellos, espero no sea muy tarde para ser parte de este hermoso fandom c: espero lo mejor por los chicos, su talento es inmenso y su personalidad resalta sobre todas las cosas UNIVERSE FIGHTING!

    • Bienvenida al fandom~

    • Me pasó lo mismo con Daisy !!

  • good evening Universe....lets do or not

  • My lovely Donut♡♡