(SM/JYP/YG) 3대 기획사 걸그룹 커버댄스 연습 영상

게시일 2020. 11. 24.
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2NE1 - 내가 제일 잘 나가
소녀시대 - GEE
소녀시대 - OH!
원더걸스 - Tell me
JYP Team
다건 DaGun (IG : @dazzling__dg)
세영 SeYoung (IG : @seyoung__0203)
서현 SeoHyeon (IG : @sh._.yun)
YG Team
하연 HaYeon (IG : @hayeon_98k)
담희 DamHee (IG : @damhee_00)
혜림 HyeRim (IG : @hye_ri__mi)
SM Team
가은 GaEun (IG : @gaeun_0007)
유진 YooJin (IG : @yj_2.29)
하은 HaEun (IG : @_undereun)

#3대기획사 #걸그룹 #커버댄스


  • @• I Can't Stop Me - Twice @• I Am The Best - 2NE1 @• Gee - SNSD @• Icy - Itzy @• As If It's Your Last - Black Pink @• Oh! - SNSD @• Tell Me - Wonder Girls @• Lovesick Girls - Black Pink

  • Blackpink is the new version of 2NE1 Twice is the new version of Girls Generation

  • I'm SM biased but I fucking love JYP and YG choreography and songs fr

  • Love sick girls


  • so not a single song by red velvet but other group gets two? 😐

  • I wished they do hylt for the ending

  • Aaaaa so cute 💓

  • Wow just wow you guys were amazing 🤩 keep doing you ✊🏼💕 fighting

  • Love sick girls part is soooooo sick *happy tears

  • YG always is strong, rap, hot, swag

  • Jyp is more lovely

  • The jyp girls were having a blast the entire time tho, it was really cute

  • どこが1番ブラックかの対決?

  • Cutest ending ever

  • that lil yeaha at the end🥺🥺

  • I Love you SNSD

  • JYP : 이것이 아이돌 안무다 SM : 이것이 걸그룹 안무다 YG : 춤은 그저 우리의 스웩을 나타내기 위한 도구일 뿐이다 스웩이나 느껴라

  • 스엠: 보기엔 쉬워보이나 느낌 살리기 어려움 와지: 보기엔 어려워보이나 생각보다 쉬움 제왑: 보기엔 쉬워보이나 실제론 더 쉬움

  • SM: 춤, 노래 단 하나도 놓칠 수 없어 YG: 무조건 느낌을 잘 살려야 해 JYP: 자기 실력대로 해 어차피 사장이 최고야

  • Argh you dance so cool but would be great if you add to miss A, f(x) and Red Velvet and why do you end with the most boring choreo of BP?

  • La primera canción es un tormento para los oídos que grupo tendría ese tema tan chillón 🤪🤪 En cuanto al baile las de rosa en primer lugar definitivamente, las de blanco en segundo y las de amarillo en 3ro porque bailaron muy bien la canción de wonder girls. Aunque hubiera sido genial que bailen a los tres mejores grupos que tuvo la jyp. Muy bien con itzy y WG solo faltó Miss A

  • You guys are so good! Good job girls *with clap hands

  • I prefer jyp's company but in that video i really enjoyed watchings yg songs perfomed by the girls



  • Lovesick girls is the best (for me)periodt

  • JYP❤️

  • I like jyp better

  • Sm

  • OMG!! I love love love love it👁👄👁💅🖤

  • SM dance moves is not that challenging.. hahah

  • I hope SM YG and JYP can collaborate

  • 02:03=Legendary.

  • SM: beautiful vocals and dance JYP: cute concepts and crazy choreos YG: swag and flow

  • Wow daebak

  • Love


  • so good

  • YG dance is the best i think

  • am i the only one who waited to see red velvet :(

  • The SM and JYP were nice to watch

  • Red Velvet?

  • Me waiting for a Red Velvet dance 🙈

  • Lovesick ending!!!!

  • I'm waiting for Dalla Dalla...

  • Alright so this is my opinion Each group did amazing but I feel like SM should really put some more energy in their dancing. But in general they all did good.

  • I chose yg

  • Tell me comes on All of them:💃

  • Actually I come here to find Blackpink's songs. I realize the longest one is Lovesick girls, then As if it your last ㅋㅋㅋ

  • YG song & dance like it

  • İ Love it 👍🏻

  • I think jyp did the best as dancing and yg did worst. The yg team wasn't in sync and had the wrong angels, it just looked like a mess. Jyp was in sync had the right angels and the charisma. YG entertainment has the best dances between all those three but the girls didn't show that, they need more angel and sync practice. That's my opinion

  • 😍

  • I love the other group just vibing in the corners to the dance

  • damn... if GEE was produced today it would still be the FREAKING BOP and would still SLAY HARD!! GEE GEE GEE GEE GEE!!!

  • Sadly there's no rv songs 💔

  • YG is hard to intimate their voice and all about them is total unique

  • Everyone in this comment arguing about yg, sm and jyp... Me: enjoyed the video :) My eng sucks:)

  • 2ne1 omg wanna cry I wish they didn’t disband, I’m the best was their first song ;-;

  • 9:19 u can see when pinkpunk (real name YGNGG before their formed Blackpink) dance together :D i was shock

  • dont ask me why i laughed during "LisTen bOy, mY fiRsT lOvE sToRy" imissyouyoongi

  • I dont know but i feel yg really had the best dancers. They movements,choreos,music is really catchy😍

  • Que pedo con SM también existe RED VELVET

  • The way I'm waiting for f(x), red velvet, or aespa...... :)

  • Jyp❤ twice

  • Like dances SM and YG more elegant and swag

  • Jyp : dancer Sm : visual Yg : rapper 💖💖💖

  • YG 🖤dance💖

  • Am i the only one , lolz SM just only two song , where red velvet ?

  • 😍😍😍

  • omg, la coreos de JYP son excelentes

  • Blackpink be taking the lead

  • The girl with the pink socks was amazing

  • Yg ahhhhh

  • When they all danced together Lovesick Girls I felt like Blackpink WON 💗

  • JYP: Icy YG: As If It's Your Last SM: *Expects Red Velvet*😢

  • LOVE​SICK​ GIRLS​🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • YG 💗

  • 9:40 - 9:44 that was satisfying !

  • 1:51 BLACK MAMBA

  • * other groups are dancing * . . . 2ne1: I aM tHe BeSt

  • SM 덕분에 추억 대소환이다

  • What is the third song

  • in the end jyp, sm become backup dancer HAHA


  • Big hit? 🙂

  • blackpink

  • When gee turns theyre all dancing ahahaahhaah

  • I Love The Last One "LOVESICK GIRLS"

  • Yg:cute sexy and dance rap Sm:cute dance vocal Jyp:cute and vocal

  • define high heels? ans: Girls' Generation

  • Mostraron la evolución de cada empresa y sus grupos, excepto sm, como si no existiera red velvet y ahora aespa, c pazan

  • 5:10 wow the synchronisation, just wow

  • 에셈나온거부터존나꼴베기싫

  • Love the ending!

  • what if them 9 become one group i would love this grp (me who usually dont watch girl grp ) :P

  • Girls Generation!!!!❤🤭🤘😎

  • 청바지입고 춤추는여인들은 뭐여 오늘첨만나서 연습한겨?