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Electric cars, giant batteries and solar. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.


0:34Discover: Scheduled Departure
Discover: Scheduled Departure조회수 444K7 일 전
0:41At Home: Solar Hardware
At Home: Solar Hardware조회수 549K7 일 전
0:52Making Batteries
Making Batteries조회수 2.1M개월 전
0:39Discover: Arcade Mode
Discover: Arcade Mode조회수 353K개월 전
0:45Discover: Voice Commands
Discover: Voice Commands조회수 492K개월 전
0:37Discover: Remote Access
Discover: Remote Access조회수 334K2 개월 전
0:35Discover: Driver Profiles
Discover: Driver Profiles조회수 908K2 개월 전
0:31Discover: Remote Climate Controls
Discover: Remote Climate Controls조회수 329K2 개월 전
0:23Discover: PIN to Drive
Discover: PIN to Drive조회수 684K3 개월 전
0:29Discover: Dog Mode
Discover: Dog Mode조회수 866K3 개월 전
0:29Discover: Sentry Mode
Discover: Sentry Mode조회수 1.9M3 개월 전
0:52Discover: Trip Planner
Discover: Trip Planner조회수 464K3 개월 전
0:47Discover: Charging on the Road
Discover: Charging on the Road조회수 674K3 개월 전
0:33Discover: Charging at Home
Discover: Charging at Home조회수 1M3 개월 전
2:11:31Tesla Battery Day
Tesla Battery Day조회수 3.3M5 개월 전
3:52Tesla Ventilator
Tesla Ventilator조회수 3.3M10 개월 전
1:50Model Y Deliveries Begin!
Model Y Deliveries Begin!조회수 1.1M11 개월 전
Cybertruck조회수 4.3M년 전
1:32Tesla Crash Lab
Tesla Crash Lab조회수 1.3M년 전
0:50Smart Summon
Smart Summon조회수 1.2M년 전
0:50Introducing Software Version 10.0
0:47Chess in the Tesla Arcade
Chess in the Tesla Arcade조회수 286K년 전
1:13V3 Supercharging in Vegas
V3 Supercharging in Vegas조회수 275K년 전
0:29Beach Buggy Racing 2
Beach Buggy Racing 2조회수 610K년 전
1:54:26Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting
1:57Full Self-Driving
Full Self-Driving조회수 17M년 전
3:52:20Tesla Autonomy Day
Tesla Autonomy Day조회수 3.5M년 전
0:23TeslAtari 🕹
TeslAtari 🕹조회수 245K년 전
1:08Family Ski Trip
Family Ski Trip조회수 262K년 전


  • I wish I'd bought TSLA back then :'[

  • me recuerda al de jailbreak xd

  • I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this... PARTNER WITH STEAM!

  • da boiz

  • lmao nice

  • 24:25 Hammond undercover to get a Tesla 😆

  • Pranam jai ho

  • What if he grabs onto the car?

  • Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ so useless. God forbid you have to move your body 5 feet to plug in a charger

  • Me: "Elon's done it again!" (Looks at date)

  • Stupid

  • It looks like the Power Rangers would drive in it

  • what does this type of song calls ?

  • Decepticon underneath lol. Looks like no more jobs for parking maids or tow truck drivers boo hoo hoo. Hopefully same goes for Police as well when they get DEFUNDED.

  • You can also add the command "protect summer"

  • Bruh you can’t go 79 speeeeed or you be in jail for 20 years

  • To be honest, that is one of the ugliest super cars I’ve ever seen. It also looks just like the Tesla model 3.

  • So when is this coming out? Also, will there be any ball accessories available to attach to it?

  • my dream car is tesla model 3

  • You can do it. If you continue, you will have a future that no one expects

  • Tough shit, the ticket is still on record.

  • Maybe in the near future u can drive even if your not in the car

  • I know it is a joke. But on already full roads, something like this...


  • So, what you are saying is, this car is a smartphone on wheels? One day I will buy a tesla. Smartphone with wheels convinced me enough.

  • when is it coming out!!!!!!!!!!?/

  • I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

  • Don't be so racist. Where is cat mode? (!)

  • That's funny. Stay near your car. Yeah right. How did everyone's car's get parked so perfectly. Was there a parking lot drill sergeant?

  • Does it work whit kids?

  • wow and it goes so fast! great tesla

  • This is so funny. I wonder how many people believed this

  • Policeman: "..." Tesla: "Keep. Summer. Safe."

  • Love it 😂

  • Ahem, cat mode?

  • I don't think it's a good idea to let your child in the drivers seat

  • This might get the younger gen to start playing outside more often lol

  • a fiat panda has better interiors

  • a fiat panda has better interior

  • 0:07 Why does Elon even try flying to Mars when you can have the whole solar system integrated in your house?

  • Crazy.

  • Imagine: You Park infront of your work with a new tesla and when its time to head home you'll wonder how your tesla has managed to park itself in the far corner of the car park

  • Elon Musk is a meme genius

  • So tesla just made... a interior heating timer?

  • This is the single best feature any car could ever have

  • anyone notice that it says "the heater is on"? and then when the dog climbs in the driver seat it magically says "ac is on"?

  • Best cliffhanger in history

  • Fun Fact: This video was an april fools video.

  • I was wondering if this was published April 1st

  • Nice one Elon

  • This is rated Mature in Japan

  • thats some weird tentacle porn

  • Is this illegal

  • After 5 years it was in my recommendation

  • This should be a joke right lol

  • Русские через 40 лет: это всё снята в Голливуде 😂😂😂

  • Great, now I need a dog and a Tesla

  • I just love how this cars almost don’t make any sound

  • When you’re eating at a restaurant and on the tv you see a Tesla that looks just like yours on the news in a chase...

  • Mate whoever the narrator is has never heard anything about acoustic foam.

  • Proud owner of 4 Tesla's in coc

  • So the models together are S3XY, that's quite true Elon, pretty S3XY models you got there

  • Does it work In a rush hour scenario when you need to get into traffic and basically force your self in?

  • 7 years later and I still can't afford one

  • Disrespecting word holy word holy

  • LOL

  • Wow thats fast driving

  • I got a ticket not even 20 minutes ago and this showed up

  • Doge Mode ON

  • This is bullshit people.. once the agent started to write the parking ticket it will be sent by mail to the owner of the vevicule anyways is there is no one to collect it or no place to put it. Like you get to your car when agent is writing it. If yo udrive off it will come in by mail in a week or 2. Because the ticket is issued to the car (owner) itself and not to the driver in occurrence that you lent your car to someone they just dont care.

    • You might need to uninstall your brain. Think there's a bug in the 12.3.42 update that keeps some people from understanding jokes

  • so dum video. this is what u get when idiots try to make jokes.

  • imagine when the car did this and there is like 50 parking tickets that just have gotten wet and when you come back to your car you say." Good Boy" like it's a dog lol.

  • Yeah this would obviously be illegal even if it’s a gag video I know if I was the cop I’d wait all day just to write every citation in the book directly to them

  • If the cog system had gearing it would mean integrated charge control.

  • Dog Mode 😐🤔🙂👍

  • Not speed but constant.

  • This doesn’t even work because they don’t need to put the ticket on your window to issue the ticket. It is hilarious though that the windshield wipers go off! But it’s too late! All that stuff is online, you’ll get your now late and more expensive ticket in the mail.

  • High speed chase in a circle around the block. Basically duck duck goose

  • Try slowing the revelutions of the moter to allow the operation of a cog system, the imput just has to be allot more the output.

  • 10년 뒤면 이미 망해서 자동차 역사에만 몇 줄 기록될 기업 테슬라