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Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.
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2:01Introducing Stretch
Introducing Stretch조회수 2.2M14 일 전
1:45Meet Spot Enterprise
Meet Spot Enterprise조회수 570K2 개월 전
2:12Spot's Got an Arm!
Spot's Got an Arm!조회수 9M2 개월 전
2:55Do You Love Me?
Do You Love Me?조회수 31M3 개월 전
1:30With you, Spot can
With you, Spot can조회수 3.6M9 개월 전
0:39More Parkour Atlas
More Parkour Atlas조회수 15M년 전
2:01Spot Launch
Spot Launch조회수 11M년 전
1:07Mush, Spot, Mush!
Mush, Spot, Mush!조회수 8M년 전
1:38Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics
1:09UpTown Spot
UpTown Spot조회수 8M2 년 전
1:57Spot Robot Testing at Construction Sites
0:30Parkour Atlas
Parkour Atlas조회수 13M2 년 전
0:34Getting some air, Atlas?
Getting some air, Atlas?조회수 11M2 년 전
3:16Spot Autonomous Navigation
Spot Autonomous Navigation조회수 7M2 년 전
1:04Testing Robustness
Testing Robustness조회수 27M3 년 전
0:46Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?조회수 117M3 년 전
0:55What's new, Atlas?
What's new, Atlas?조회수 19M3 년 전
0:25The New Spot
The New Spot조회수 46M3 년 전
1:37Introducing Handle
Introducing Handle조회수 14M4 년 전
2:28Introducing Spot (previously SpotMini)
2:42Atlas, The Next Generation
Atlas, The Next Generation조회수 38M5 년 전
HappyHolidays조회수 4.7M5 년 전
2:09Introducing WildCat
Introducing WildCat조회수 38M7 년 전
1:49Legged Robot Testing in Desert
Legged Robot Testing in Desert조회수 1.8M7 년 전
1:04Atlas Update
Atlas Update조회수 3.2M7 년 전
1:05Petman Tests Camo
Petman Tests Camo조회수 6M8 년 전
0:48Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Dynamic Robot Manipulation조회수 4.8M8 년 전
1:30LS3 - Legged Squad Support System


  • Hey Boston Dynamics, i have a question why don't you guys try make a robot for helping to rescue other people?

  • What happens when a box brakes open? Does the bot recognizes that?

  • Could a fur suit be added? Also a dog reaction video to spot mini might be cool


  • but.... can he piss beer in a bottle too ?

  • some guy hmm I'm gonna make it piss beer into a cup!

  • But..... can it piss Beer in a Bottle ?

  • ty jak brobije

  • its cgi

    • @Ivan Bitsura I think you check corridor videos which is cgi of course.

    • It's real you can see people reflected in the glass

    • @cat637d yes,it is. Check another videos

    • No, it's not!

  • nice graphic

  • There’s honestly something beautiful about this

  • Micheak Reeves: *Another one*

  • Well it’s over

  • I love robots

  • 0:18 I Am Not The Father, directed by Grant Sputore

  • It beggining to move like a natural dog, cant wait for 2025 to coma and this thing moves to identical like normal doggos

  • what a cute robot, im unemployed now!

  • Please give me IROBOT. Please!!!!!!!

  • This shit is gonna harvest our organs to use them in the T-800

  • This scares me in more ways than one

  • Why was the video disliked?

  • Can it pick up tomatoes on salad?

  • its on newest first, sort by top to see the less recent comments


  • Y'know, when Stretch put Spot down I thought "that's how they're going to deploy when they gain sentience and take over the world"

  • Wow an arm to hand you your solo cup full of beer piss

  • Like this:<

  • interesting lemme make it piss beer

  • Like the one inbthe pitcher

  • Can i pleaaaaaase get a black smallesh one with rhe claw X(

  • W😍W and Holy Cow!!! Unbelievable. Bravo on your amazing, incredible work! Simultaneously, and equally, exciting and terrifying. The enormous implications for good are endless. Unfortunately, we know the flipside exists as well dammit. ~Carry on. 🤣😉 I'm in awe.

  • We need to ask "Why?" and we need to listen carefully to the answer.


  • Do the scene from Pulp Fiction...





  • Somehow it has grown in creepiness after watching it over and over, it feels like my brain short circuits when I watch it...

    • is your human arrogance cracking ?

  • you guys spent year to make robots better and you do this!!!!!!!!!!! im proud of you guys

  • there is one thing missing: googly eyes

  • average pitbull

  • 0:42. Awww how polite

  • In the wise words of a Crack head " I want too make it piss beer into a cup" if you know your amazing 😏

  • Why that dinosaur can't have 4 wheels for better balancing?

  • 1:08 first recorded footage of a robot speaking

  • Me playing some Jak and Daxter

  • I want to see spot leap/jump/run up a flight of stairs... like skipping stairs like a dog might

  • Excuse me, where's the attachment that makes spot pee beer ?

  • Employees: we want 15 bucks an hour for non skilled box chuckin labor.. Owners: call boston dynamics, get us a few of those robots that dont get tired, dont eat, dont take smoke breaks, dont complain, and dont take days off. Lol

  • O

  • Appearing at a peaceful protest near you

  • Stephen Hawking: Robots will take over the world one day. Robots:

  • How come you guys have not doubled the size on spot just one for paralegic people to ride we'll make it easier for them to go upstairs instead of elevators

    • So they will see this and see if they can or not it's just a statement

    • @dolita windo no I just made an idea on most recent video

    • So this is what hell looks like...

  • we are on the path to improve and better our world~

  • Uhhh, I was sad when I had to get rid of my microwave, remember, I’m on your side, robot uprising.

  • Jhon connor, hide and prepair the resistence

  • Spot: Whats my purpose? Micheal: You pee beer Spot: Oh my god.

  • We are on the path to destroy our species.

  • Dey tuk r jobs!!

  • When spot frags the home invader

  • some kind of peg popped off there at 0:14 . but this little one kept on going. heart of a champion. (code of a champion)

  • This is fucking awesome!!! :)

  • The real question we are all asking is can stretch piss beer in a cup?

  • One step closer to Dum-E

  • This not robot but this human with cgi technologi

  • The company that starts ubi

  • The amount of OH MY GOD THIS IS ALL CGI... it make me really sad

  • Yall need to contact Michael reeves....

  • “To keep workers safe” F off man, it’s to lay off human capital. Crooks

  • Please don’t give spot an ai...

  • Идешь такой по лесу, а на встречу Это выползает из кустов 😱

  • How on earth did this end up in every commenter's recommended in a matter of hours?!

  • You don’t need to do laundry anymore spot will just do it for you

  • 0:28 imagine you come into work and see spots jump roping, but then they stop and stare at you...

  • Once this thing gets fingers it’s over

  • You're a pack of psychopaths

  • Such a haunting video to start the decade


  • Nice robot, but can you make it piss bear?