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We are a blooming brand for master craftsmen and DIY home enthusiasts. Explore a range of power and hand tools as well as accessories in "Qwikcrafts ". Our top-quality, innovative product selection is only to get your job done with success. We acknowledge you need accuracy, and we are going to serve the highest quality to meet your standards at a reasonable price point.


0:27How to Use Concrete Planter Molds 2021
How to Use Concrete Planter Molds 2021조회수 47K14 시간 전
0:21How to Use Multi Purpose Camping Shovel 2021
0:21Camping Shovel Demo 2021- Worth it ?
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0:19Polishing and Buffing Pad Set 2021
0:12Power Scrubber Brush Set Demo 2021
0:13How to Remove Damaged Nut 2021
How to Remove Damaged Nut 2021조회수 324K7 일 전
0:15Multi Angle Bending Drill Bit Extension
0:12Magic Wrench | Self Adjusting Wrench
Magic Wrench | Self Adjusting Wrench조회수 752K14 일 전
0:3118 In 1 Multifunctional Faucet Wrench Tool
0:08Lotus Concrete Moulds
Lotus Concrete Moulds조회수 345K14 일 전
0:15Quick and Easy to Plant - Plant Hacks 2021
0:2245, 90, 135 Degree Welding Magnetic Clamps
0:23Bumper Repair kit Demo 2021- Does it work?
0:27How to Fix Cracks On Your Car 2021
0:18Rotating Screwdriver Set
Rotating Screwdriver Set조회수 12K21 일 전
0:26How to Repair Leaking Metal Pipe
How to Repair Leaking Metal Pipe조회수 322K21 일 전
0:56Universal Super Glue - Does it work?


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  • But it looks like shit.

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  • Why tho why would you make that?

  • Can you test it on dry hardwood. That's some real soft green wood you used

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  • That drilling tech owsom. What a idea. That drill rotation reverse direction. So 😂😂

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  • Looks like a bike chain

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  • OK but what the fxk was that cracker for?

  • See how fast that fuse burnt??!!

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  • Is it available in Mumbai ? Address details please

  • Looks like a dull drill bit

  • Didn't want to cut it straight?

  • How to make a personal grenade launcher

  • Fun fact: It's frictional force who is cutting tree You already know You mad because you Click read more

  • imagine it's your neck

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  • Thats just araldite.. Pretty basic stuff..

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  • Naw, I'm good.. Thats a GD death machine!

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  • Year just remove the Protection

  • It's a fail....I have grinded so much of this crap off being in the welding business. It'll get you out of a jam once in a while but more than likely you'll end up a a weld shop getting it repaired the proper way. Once every two weeks I would encounter this stuff.

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  • Why the m80....

  • Si la cadena se corta podría generar muchos daños físicos al trabajador.

  • Now do it on a uncut tree

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  • what is his glue eh

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  • No one gonna talk about the bomb looking thing

    • Yeah the green morter shell underneath. Was wondering the same thing

  • The army should stop using vest ant just apply this on thier body like lotion and go to battle

  • Didn't know you could do such amazing art with wood :D

  • People are saying that they made a bomb but wouldn’t the fuse die out since it’s in an enclosed space where the oxygen is burning up quickly? Idk much about that department, correct me if I’m wrong

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  • Don't cut tree

  • Vids like this are bad for public. If you're a DIYer, you may be influenced not a use a guard like this...reckless person! Even so called professionals make this mistake too! 🙈 If you can't fit an attachment on any power tool with the guard, then don't use it. Things rarely go wrong...but when they do, it can be catastrophic!! Just think if this chain snapped...😱 When using a power tool like this? Your face is in the firing line! ☠

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  • Need 180° Protect cover! Handle with care! The grinder must be cut Your hands(fingers).

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  • me: "MOM I need a new rachet set" mom: "then take the magnet and get to work"

  • This is tube. Not tyre.

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  • It was impressive idea but there is a huge loss wood...

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