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welcome to the official twenty one pilots KO-u channel.

stay strong. live on. pass on these songs.

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21:03START HERE (LOC-061-220-2012P)
START HERE (LOC-061-220-2012P)조회수 1M10 개월 전
5:31twenty one pilots: Pet Cheetah VR
2:21twenty one pilots - arizona
twenty one pilots - arizona조회수 613K2 년 전


  • Hoje esse vídeo completou 6 anos ⚡

  • 6 years anniversary

  • dou 6 años ya

  • This is one of my mom’s favorite songs

  • Literal todos los latinos "el wey que dice ou ou ou" like si no miento 😅😅

  • Today make 6 years

  • Damn after all these years they are still bopping

  • This gives nostalgia damn

  • Que gran Tema, La primera vez que vi el video me quede en shock por el final eso fue un año. Otra vez regreso a verlo y esta vez estoy en lagrimas, tengo un hijo unico y espero que su mama y yo le duremos muchos años 🥺😥.

  • Twenty one pilots is on again🔥🔥🔥

  • Intro: Heavydirtysoul Vibe: Regional at Best Rap: Taxi Cab Tyler: Commit crime Josh: Getting revenge Hotel: Trivago

  • precious over new


  • All. I hear is :"when I gay"

  • Legit cried when I seen this, being a My Chemical Romance fan as a kid. Love these guys 👌

  • Legendary

  • I’m just in love with you and your music guys ❤️🙌🏻

  • Ama bu klip çok şeker olmuş .<3

  • This is the best fucking band period.

  • ♈ . UnLeasHT· ·✨ · . · ♋ .MeRGoViaN·. ♦️ ° . · 🅱️. · ⚙️.♉·⛓️. ♐· . HeY SiR KNiGHT ! AuNTie LoVeZ The BaBy ! 🍿· °

  • Almost 6 years later this music is still a legendary one

  • josh is dun with tyler

  • I know it’s over😔

  • First time hearing this music loving i. no one told me this,only me ❤️❤️

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • This song dropped on my birthday (:

  • Powta naala ko tuloy nung nagtuko ako

  • thank you blurryface for me not to be insecure since i was little because i didnt want my neck to be black LMAO

  • Trash the dragn is now my spirit animal

  • this video was filmed in Kiev!

  • is tht Chlorine?

  • Such mainstream pop music they make suddenly 😕

    • Blurryface had more interesting and complex melodies and rhythm, though. This one is so repetitive and monotonous.

    • not really, blurryface was more mainstream pop than this (doesn’t mean it’s bad)

  • are those real prisoners, or just prison people?

  • I LOVE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I LOVE YOUU💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • One of my favourite twenty one pilots songs for sure

  • E phobia hatau. Je natak challae. Haan haan. Chaliye . Ki bhetal. Eha ta. Aae me kani feeling chae. Hisab brabar. Attau sa. Attau sa.

  • Wow happy 6 years in advance Ride!

  • Last me akkar e bachbake ta chae. Ki kellau ta. 25 +7 aenkh muen ka. Marae ta nae bus dellauha.

  • I don't know why but there is something so comforting about this song

  • Sentado y tomando fabuloso o pinol 😭❤️😎👌

  • The Way he plays those Drums, Hypes me Up🙂🙂

  • Nice cover and voice, but mcr got me crying... more intense and emotional. Mcr❤️

  • Liked them Seinfeld I was 5 :)

  • Mayo 13 2😍21!!!

  • Si, pero hagan tendencia los 6 años de esta Joya😔👈🏽

  • I love that they added Jim into this

  • 6 años de Ride!!✨🕶️

  • I hate the genres you guys do but you make me love them

  • 6 años ya Feliz Aniversario

  • "Ony smoking second hand ." What kind of sentence is this my friend?? Wow. <3

    • Only*😄😄😄

  • No mames, pero si está es la canción que ponen de fondo en el Pes xdxd

  • I cant help falling in love with you miss you:)

  • 72 gorre sab abiyau. 10th grade liyau. Duplicate liyau. Respect sa abiyau. Baaki kaaj hinkar. Bujhal aae.

  • Still a great song in 2021

  • Summary of my life:Nobody's coming for me.

  • ❤️❤️❤️😽💓💓💓😍😍😍

  • One of the hardest rap of that year

  • This is møre like an asmr "touching your face" btw I LOVE THIS SONG!!

  • Wery god

  • I.... wow

  • Gracias por existir 🥺❤ los amo

  • Imagine when you walk in the forest alone and saw TOP playing ride in the forest

  • 0.75x speed 2:16

  • Twenty One Pilots and NF should do a collab song.

  • Twenty one pilots team

  • lacaderalacadera semeneasemenea

  • god im gonna miss this era so much

  • I'm a 49yr old dude that loves all types of music from Metallica to Ac/Dc to Korn to John Denver to Gorillaz to slip knot to Gwar to Evanescence to well you get the point. Any way I can remember when I first heard 21 pilots back when they did there first 104.5 block party and I heard Car radio for the first time and Blame I was hooked Put talent and the coolest nicest dudes ya could Imagine. and can we get some serious respect for Josh on those drums I just love to see this dude play cause he always puts such energy into it

  • I click to a different tab for ONE SECOND and when I come back Josh is chasing Tyler with a flamethrower?????

  • Esta canción es hermosa

  • 6 years later, this song is legendary, you're legendary

  • i'm falling but idk about the time on my ride it might end soon this year is trash 🥺

  • Lagend

  • How did they get all these concepts of Chlorine ?Must be science student but chlorineis gas at normal room temp so I was confused a lil bit

  • I’m so obsessed with how the drummer drums when the beat drops after the chorus omg!!!! I be turning up like aaaaayeee!!💃🏽 especially in traffic blasting with all the windows down I instantly have the need for speed 🤣🤣like best drummer ever!

  • Sera q llegamos a los 30m antes del 21 o se fresean

  • Now the question is was the Dragon ever real before being an action figure

  • Those dislikes are the people who thought TOP stole this song from tiktok

  • Sipping on straight chlorine, so is this where the Donald Dumster got the idea from? 🤔 hey it will cure Covid!! Heck 21 Pilots were way ahead of the curve on this!