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  • He said it when 12 games to go 😂⚒⚒⚒

  • Vladi has brilliant English, even better than Sous. Think he’s been teaching Sou English ❤️

  • Good morning everyone! I am a Brazilian gentleman and fan of Westham United! It must be recognised that the team is playing very good football! A “first line” football, as we say here in Brazil! E flush friends, specially WHU supporters, please accept my best regards from Brazil and good luck in the fight against Covid!!!

  • I just love watching this team celebrate! COYI!

  • West ham has lately shown itself to be an indigestible visitor

  • I know he's not English but I think Vlad should have got more questions than he did, he only got 1 so he may as well have not been there it may as well have just been Jarrod and Ben ..... It's a bit harsh on Vlad, how's he supposed to improve his English if he's only getting asked 1 question?! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Comentator : "Jesse lingard has been like a lionel messi in west ham" What a nice statement

  • moyes needs to tell bowen when he is playing number 9 to not be so obsessed with tracking the opposition, he is such a threat and we don't exploit some of the best parts of his game, with antonio out for a while if bowen is going to lead the line we can't do our opposition the favour of hindering his attacking threat by burdening him with any defensive responsibilities apart from a bit of pressing from the front

  • Thank you for making this video West Ham, I rarely get a chance to see the full training sessions that the club does so it was amazing to see and a pleasure and an honour to watch ...... Especially given that some of the drills that I saw in this video I have actually done myself like the drill that Nathan Trott (who looks like a really good keeper btw) was doing with the goalkeeper coach when he was diving left and then right, I've done that so it was great to learn that the drills that I've been doing in training with my College team are actually done at professional clubs too 😁😁😁

  • 0:21 bed.fyi

  • We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen and it’s West Ham United (COYI)

  • #coyi ⚒️⚒️

  • #coyi ⚒️

  • Down to the last 8 games..........................a CL spot is in our own hands. Come on lads one last push. It would be amazing if we WON all 8. Yeah I may be a dreamer. BUT why not. I’m 60 and was taken to my first game aged 5. You guys have made me a proud Hammers fan once again. Keep up the great work and really go for it................Stay safe and stay healthy

  • He fact that lingard is actually turning into lingardiniho

  • This has been a great season. David Moyes has transformed us massively. We just need to push on and keep going and we’ll make the champions league. David Moyes is manager of the season 100%.

  • Foot ball god Lingard

  • why are the subtitles so wrong

  • Jarrod Bowen 🐐🐐

  • He had a great form since he join West Ham

  • Jarrod Bowen is gonna replace Antonio perfectly

    • @Riaz Hoque I KNOW RIGHT Antonio is the goat 🐐

    • @OlavSjølie he can play there tho

    • Bowen dont fit as a striker

    • Antonio is (Personally) The Best Better than Bowen

    • He won’t but he’ll be good he doesn’t have the hold up play and strength of Antonio

  • Ayye just got a pc im excited

  • Quality players ⚒

  • COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • Been brilliant this season ⚒

  • Coufal signing on the season 😍😍

  • Second

  • United Fan here, i am so happy to see jesse playing well for you guys ❤️


  • The 22 with their thumbs down the mugs.. Carlton our adopted east end son. Quality as he said we have waited a long time to be up n fighting at the top end of the tabled whatever happens the squad have been magnificent this season and let’s not forget it wasn’t just this season our last 10 games last season was when it all started. COYI

  • Westham must just sign lingard

  • Linggard the bed

  • Messi Lingard

  • All of us should take one great lesson to our life from Lingard. To Raise ourselves up after failure in life.

    • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

  • Westharm 3 nill i need 4 nill

  • 50cr compensation in ICJ

  • eph

  • 0:20 wtf is he really lingard?

  • Can we hear Uefa Champions league anthem in London Stadium ❤️❤️

  • The difference between Man Utd and West Ham atmosphere is result of Lingard to Lingardinho

  • How to join West ham academy

  • It's funny seeing everyone that used to hate on Lingard now drooling over him. Sad plastic fans.

  • kalo di MU ga begini mainnya lord lingard wkwkwk

  • Lord Lingard Rises

    • Need your precious suggestions about my art work.....ygyg

  • كمية مشاعر وحب وانتماء أعجز عن وصفها لهذا النادي، أكاد أن اقول أنه نادي حياتي، ولكن لريال مدريد المرتبة الأولى كعادته، ليس نادي فحسب ليس لاعبين فحسب ليس جماهير فحسب، ليس أطفالاً وشباباً وكباراً فحسب، أنهم يشعرون بالإنتماء للنادي الذي يجسد كل مشاعرهم في أرض الملعب في دفاعهم عن ويست هام في حبهم لويست هام

  • The helpless asphalt mechanistically explode because appendix surgically rule of a possessive desire. lively, tart chicken

  • Lingardinho!!!

  • LingardMessi is back!!!

  • Jesus is the way the truth and the life . There is no other way to heaven except through Him. Repent before it’s too late ... it’s your choice .... heaven or hell

  • Ken Flemwell is a credit to the Taxi trade

  • A good player, wish he was left-footed so he could play left-wing. In his generation, LW is England weakness. Joe Cole was okay and injury-prone.

  • Damn Lingard is running riot. He fits West ham perfectly. Good luck to Westham, you guys are on fire this season. (Arsenal fan)

  • I used to make fun of Lingard. Now he is my idol. Never give up Jesse!

  • West Ham’s wheelchair football team

  • Eva air must be wheelchair accessible then 😂

  • 58.15 still got small car 70 plate merc see him every morning 😂 great prospect wish him all the best ⚒

  • I'm actually delighted for The Hammers, as two of our former people Moyes and Lingard, are doing a job there. As much as we'd need a player on his form, I think it's better for Jesse's career to move to London and be the Main Man for Moyes - he combines well with Antonio and he's back in the England squad again as a result of current form. If he returns to Manchester - he could stagnate again, as I think he tries too hard for us, and is playing with no fear and no pressure. I knew Jesse could play this well, but he no longer can do it for us. Sad to see him go, but good for him. And no - most of us don't "hate" David Moyes. We wanted him to be a success and especially as Sir Alex picked him as a successor - it just didn't work out. A change of scenery can do wonders, and he's got West Ham in a Champions League place - fantastic!

  • Semedo really had a hard time, from being toyed by Davies to Lingard

  • LORD LINGARDINHO BERBATOV(ing)...just sweet ✨

  • Ogboner

  • All these comments and nothing of Antionio's run, which was the only reason Lingard was able to get the space to finish.

    • Scientific fact: T-rex went extinct because their arms were too short to clap for Lingard.

  • lingard show

  • The Jesse lingard we have seen long back is now back at his own level the way he is taking out defenders on dribbles is phenomenal to watch

  • Lingardinho >>>>>>

  • Lingard has transformed the west ham channel as well look at the most popular vid

  • Lingard jjang jjang man

  • I want one of them shirts..........in a large please. COYI!

  • can you imagine a few months a go we sarcastically called him lingardhino but today he actually is playing like lingardhino

  • messi who???

  • Leave Manchester united to be a top class player.

  • Jesse Lingard joga demais

  • West ham will get many fans from other country 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Jessè Lingard young legend😮

  • 0:20 truly magnificent skill by lingardinho

  • This is the true lingardinho (no offense or sarcastic just compliment)

  • ko-u.info/losk/bidio/faZmpGmnd5NqgI0

  • He is not Lingardinho, he is not messi lingard. HE IS JESSE LINGARD

  • Kudos Wolves for playing Cafe del Mar as stadium anthem ... Ibiza classic ... great choice.