Fabricated 5 minutes

Fabricated 5 minutes Fabricated 5 minutes

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  • mìk xem để uog hộ n. nhưg đây nguòi ta gọi là nghịch chơi thồi

  • em làm phát ra 312v luôn nhưng không chạy được bóng đèn 20w

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  • Bien pas mal .... très ingénieux....pour le compresseur j'espère qu'il est pas dans la maison le bruit me ferait pété un câble.... sinon bravisimo......et la batterie sa durée est de combien de temps ?.......

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  • What era is this, where is the volt meter measuring the output of the AC volts that comes out, the current used is the load.

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  • Tienes que indicar cuál es el diámetro de la broca y cuánto tiene que bajar la broca

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  • Dont make me fool... How could turn into AC? If you know the principles of electricity, is not easy to believe that kind of tricks. Much better you put a DISCLAIMER.

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  • <Thinking> if a alternator is faulty. A compasitator will not work.ýou need a battery to initially start the process. Good vid

  • You know I was thinking about how awesome and easy this is... until you showed us a battery and made the connection. Is there any reason you crossed polarity? You touched the red wire to negative and the black wire to positive........we all know that you can not cross DC polarity, It would have blown the motor if I tried that.

    • it just turns the motor in the other direction. DC motors do not care what the polarity is.

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  • Para que dejas el pistón de aire y hay que mirar que pulsos y corriente en v genera tengo todo pero mis imanes de neodimio son mas grandes diferentes, sin electrónica y corriente rectificada con circuito y MOSFET dudó funcioné con eficiencia .

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  • Give him a break who knows .maybe his great great grandfather built the Stargate ?

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  • Sin lubricacion el compresor esta muerto en media hora o menos.

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  • Y cuando se acaba la bateria?, je! Lo tenes que hacer con un motor princial de 220, con lo que genera el motor de alimentación, alimenta el motor principal, el problema está en cuantos kbatios genera

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  • Get a work bench! And plug something substantial into it. Like a electric water heater .

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  • все гораздо роще автогенератор изначально выдает переменный ток 240 надо только убрать из него диодный мост выпрямителей? Хотя таким горе мастерам лучше Этого не делать ибо опасно zen.yandex.ru/media/twokarburators/chto-takoe-diodnyi-most-generatora-5e61cc296cd0d25723ea22ca

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