March Madness

March Madness March Madness

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The Official KO-u page of March Madness and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament providing highlights, analysis and historical recaps of all the greatest moments from college basketball's premiere showcase.


1:13:55Ohio vs. Virginia: 2021 NCAA tournament | FULL GAME
7:11Drew Timme 2021 NCAA tournament highlights
9:10Corey Kispert 2021 NCAA tournament highlights
6:38MaCio Teague 2021 NCAA tournament highlights
3:02One Shining Moment | 2021 NCAA tournament
1:15Watch the best dunks from the Final Four


  • He plays exactly the same today lol. These could've been 2020 highlights.

  • I want one of Wagner too ngl

  • Imagine the scenes if curry played at KU, Allen field house would go crazy

  • He gets a full Camp Sanderson and some time in the lab with Coach Howard, yeah 〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️

  • I’m a huge Michigan fan and I just hope the big guy returns

  • League him

  • I want Hunter Dickinson on the Celtics


  • Mister Butler said,lil'lingerie ON THE DECK.🤘🏀

  • One of those NCAA Tournament Games you always remember where you were when it took place.

  • Magic singlehandedly won this game...

  • Jalen Suggs is going to be so good in the NBA.

  • Thanks Arkansas for saving us from another Duke championship.

  • Do Moses Moody

  • Billy Packer really wanted to see UNC lose that game. Most biased commentator ever.

  • Do all the younger people out there watching this Larry Bird Magic Johnson saved the NBA their rivalry was fantastic all through the years

  • I remember everyone watching Melo during this time was shocked he was a freshman, he played like a senior.. Knew he was going to be a top pick in the draft.

  • @MarchMandess can I get a North Texas vs Purdue full game please?

  • this game was not very close - msu really in control

  • One of the best 7 footers of all time.

  • Does anyone know his snap ?

  • Years later and I’m still sick

  • wHaT iS hE dOiNg?!? Give Wojo the award for best flopjob.

  • Sacramento kings

  • Mitchell, Butler and Teague was arguably the best guard trio in CBB history. They were 1A-1C, and each could create his own shot. Elite shooting, all threes could get to the rim, and all three had solid playmaking as well. One of the most dominant teams in recent memory

  • "models can get 75% accuracy" "tens of millions of brackets" if everyone sent in unique brackets using 75% accurate game predicting models (0.75^63)*10,000,000=~13% you would expect a winner every 7 or 8 years.

  • What highlights?

  • As an Illinois fan myself... I kinda saw an early elimination coming

  • AYO

  • Cuse was a much better team. They got out coached and made bad decisions, dumber players. And Coleman choked.

  • I was at this game and this was when I first REFUSED to stand for the playing of the national anthem... a FULL FOUR MONTHS BEFORE Colin Kaepernick sat for the first time. What the cameras don't show well, is when the shot at the buzzer went in, ALL Villanova fans tossed their Final Four seat cushions into the air like at a graduation. It was an epic sight to see!!!!!!!!!

  • He barely had any lol

    • @Breezy I knew i would find u here 😂

    • Ayo Dosunmu, Luka Garza, & Cade Cunningham barely had any 😭

  • Knicks make it happen

  • Who’s here because he just declared for the 2021NBA draft ?

  • I remember how me and my friends got Arizona to the elite 8, and then I saw this game.

  • Watch

  • Coach Mack better have a card up his sleeve should we face the Bulldogs this November in MSG.

  • Love

  • i was the friend that knew how to edit!!

  • 30 seconds left in regulation. Why doesn’t Christian take the final shot?!!

  • 2021 had undefeated Gonzaga lose to Baylor. Otherwise not very interesting.

  • I wish CBB was like this again.

  • Basketball has changed so much from guys passing up open 16 footers to pass to a man on the block for a contested shot. Now we have players shooting up 22 footers and ignoring the man on the block.

  • Most underrated tournament of all time

  • Underrated nattie game

  • Goo

  • This was a good one

  • Auburn and Kentucky both fell off real quick after that year

  • Nice

  • Herro was a herro

  • Amir Coffey carried

  • Who's here after the nattie game??

  • Wofford had good fight

  • Celebrate a dunk when you are down 15 pts lol

    • If you're a player, you never, ever think you're GOING to lose. The Zags were getting Baylor's bigs in foul trouble. I'm more than sure they thought they were gonna come back, and maybe Drew was trying to energize his teammates. Relax a bit.

  • bill packer was an idiot over reacting on the traveling call against chriss webber, unessary these anouncers i tell ya.

  • Happy 70th Birthday Luther!!

  • i’m not a texas tech fan, but this team holds a special place in my heart. even as a duke fan, culver was one of my favorite players in the 18-19 season and watching how well these guys played together was just special. they really should’ve taken down UVA in the natty

  • does anyone know where can i watch the final four replays?

    • Ion think they dropped them yet

  • Love the full replays

  • Firsrttttt

  • Butler, Mitchell and Teague torched the Zags. Thamba was a beast...

  • Ive never seen Chuck jump that high since he retired

  • Also the ucla michigan can you put

  • Can u do the ucla gonzaga game

  • This game was bought

  • I hope he falls to the pistons

  • He lookin like henry cavill

  • He was better than any of the Baylor players they got throttled by Kansas in the regular season 😆

    • I suppose that's one way to look at it. On the other hand, Baylor beat Kansas handily in the first game. Kansas "throttled" Baylor in the second one after Baylor was out for three weeks with COVID issues. Yeah, Kansas beat Baylor at home, but Baylor couldn't practice for three weeks before then, and defensive rotation, the hallmark of Baylor's success, wasn't sharp at all. Once Baylor had a week off to practice defense before the NCAA tourney, they went back to their old form. They weren't ever even challenged by anyone in the tournament. I don't know if you noticed, but Timme shot 71% and only scored 12 points. He got just 7 shots the whole game vs. Baylor. If you can't get a shot off, you can't score. If you are your team's marquis player and you can only TAKE 7 shots in a game, you're just not that good.

  • Trash