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In this channel, there are the strongest, biggest, bravest, most dangerous, muscular, most aggressive, smartest, most disciplined and warrior dogs in the world.

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0:13Which of these 3 dogs do you prefer? 😎
0:12🐯 Feeding a wild cat tiger at home 🐯
0:11Blue eyes horse 🤩 Rate It 1-10!
Blue eyes horse 🤩 Rate It 1-10!조회수 3.6K18 시간 전
0:39🔥 Tibetan mastiff trying to break iron
0:25Angry big python snake 😳😱
Angry big python snake 😳😱조회수 201K7 일 전
0:08Angry kangal dog 🔥😱
Angry kangal dog 🔥😱조회수 22K7 일 전
0:24Instant milk for the cat 😌
Instant milk for the cat 😌조회수 74K7 일 전
0:11Did someone say mini dinosaur 😳🐊
0:08Time for the wolves to eat 🔥
Time for the wolves to eat 🔥조회수 41K14 일 전
0:16Best of guard dogs 😊👏👏👏
Best of guard dogs 😊👏👏👏조회수 559K14 일 전
0:14Why is this dog so angry? 😱💪
Why is this dog so angry? 😱💪조회수 234K21 일 전
0:08Can you escape from this dog? 😱😱😱


  • beautiful pup...a fine specimen.

  • awww...i'd pick him up and take him to the pet store for treats...because i'm way bigger than he is.

  • Idk prob would get konda scared and think of running away but nah I alr know that dog boutta catch up XD

  • I’ll get a helmet and bullet proof vest!

  • What breed is that?

  • Im in pain after waching this

  • Faint actually lol so scared of dogs even puppies lmao

  • He looks like ranga from that slime anime

  • Rocky

  • I act as throwing a stone towards the dog and it will run away

  • I'd start to play Linda's shot on iphone and a sugar crash compilation bro of course!

  • Give it a hug... I wouldn’t run fast enough to get away.

  • I'll take the dog behind him, please and thank you.

  • Squat down and and wait for it to come to me then pet it

  • SMOKE🔥

  • Ohhh so you want my money? Is this enough or do I need to get some more?

  • "Mom said you have to play fetch with me"

  • I'll have a German shepherd next to me, no worries.

  • Run

  • That is an Armenian Gumper.

  • Them dogs must've saw a squirrel 🐿️ 🤣😂

  • Aww he’s so cute! I don’t care if I get bit, I just wanna pet him and tell him he’s a good boy.

  • Black people:run bitch run White karen's:help me dis dog is attacking me ahh😩😩😩/🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Monster

  • What i do? I just take of the muzzle of my alabai 😊

  • His name is bobo hes bobo now

  • No wonder that breed of dog is banned in a lot of countries. Such aggression. Wow.

  • OMG ....... I would not do anything just say hi and faint I actully loves dog but still 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • He actually has 4 white doggos

  • Hulk

  • U can't do shit whatever it is the dog will do

  • Ill bring a bear hippo rhino elephant tiger lion to kill it

  • thats the dog from tom and jerry

  • I sit on one side and write on a piece of paper. that said informing my family and to whom all my wealth will go when I die.

  • who said the dog is 'angry' .... a pro dog handler or rehabber of dogs ? No .... it's a fantasy of whoever posted the video.

  • Id fucking pray

  • Let''s put this little dogo against a siberian tiger and then it will be a legit question that what would this dogo does against him.

  • Satan, Evil Incarnate!

  • Id name it shut the fuck up cause that's probably what he'd be hearing alot

  • If this dog ran towards me i will climb a tree 🌴

  • Stand still to die 🤣

  • Give it a belly rub

  • Pat his head

  • Still dre ♥️

  • Other dog: damnit lenny its just a leaf

  • Looks like someone’s Dad.

  • Does the dog have abs but have better body than me🙄😢

  • Bear

  • If this was my dog he wouldn't be chained up to a tree barking aggressively.. its the ignorance of people who shouldn't be alive nomore....

  • I name that dog Sebastian

  • We dont have to do anything.he would do it all...😂😂😂

  • Above 90 kg

  • He is just coming to see who the hell this monkey still not going after seing me ...

  • Pray

  • whatever will do, Dog will do!

  • Bruh this reminds me of how I was bout to get into my friend's house and the stray dog of that area was staring me the whole time as soon as I came near he friggin came towards me like Usain bolt and was bout to bite me but instead kept barking since I was literally frozen and thought it's my last day eventually an uncle helped me Bruh the annoying thing is there were whole lotta people but nobody gave a shit about me instead they were enjoying the scene 🙃

  • Pass out.

  • I would shout as hard as i could or faint away🤣😂

  • I will name it hulk buster

  • It won't be much longer the dogs do not forget.

  • Lol... looks like a gangster

  • I'd be nice to him so he doesn't punch me hard

  • So stop videoing her and winding her up then you prick

  • Fell in a sewage treatment pond and the dogs dragged him to safety. 🤢🤮 thus the look....

  • I would start praying . Lol 😂

  • Other people: RUN! Me: I'LL FREAKING HUG IT.

  • check his demeanor, stay calm, don't make sudden movements, look around for the owner. Find the owner and tell them about their animal. I would do this for anyone's dog.

  • Stupid owner won't think it's funny when someone puts a few holes in its head

  • Bolt

  • Name: kill

  • I think it was set up.

  • These dog name is alabhai

  • Probly not

  • hardly ✨ twerking ✨

  • Mr Fluffycuddles, lover of snoot boops and belly rubs.

  • " Call him "LAXATIVE" cause he would make me $hi# on myself 🤣

  • I would look into his eyes with love and show him I'm a bit frightened cuz this always happens with me

  • He'll swallow you whole😂😂

  • That's hulk pet