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6:01Nache Libo Mayer Pujay
Crossroads조회수 1
3:36La Cadenita
La Cadenita조회수 223 시간 전
3:13New York
New York조회수 123 시간 전
3:53Close To You
Close To You조회수 223 시간 전
2:31La Chica Ye Ye
La Chica Ye Ye23 시간 전
3:09Es Lupe
Es Lupe23 시간 전
4:18Oye Como Va
Oye Como Va23 시간 전
2:19Bule Bule
Bule Bule23 시간 전
4:11Caballo Viejo
Caballo Viejo23 시간 전
3:35No Me Arrepiento
No Me Arrepiento23 시간 전
2:57Camaron Pelao
Camaron Pelao23 시간 전
4:11Que Bello
Que Bello23 시간 전
3:37Como Han Pasado Los Años
4:15Corazon Partió
Corazon Partió23 시간 전
4:27El Guarda Espaldas
El Guarda Espaldas조회수 323 시간 전
2:27Anoche Me Enamore
Anoche Me Enamore23 시간 전
3:59Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir
Suavecito23 시간 전
2:41El Amor No Tiene Edad
3:02Tomame O Dejame
Tomame O Dejame23 시간 전
4:04Llorar y llorar
Llorar y llorar조회수 123 시간 전
3:29Détente instantanée à 100%
Détente instantanée à 100%조회수 323 시간 전
3:49Apprenez à respirer
Apprenez à respirer조회수 223 시간 전
3:23Régénération profonde
Régénération profonde조회수 123 시간 전
1:03Golden goal
Golden goal조회수 323 시간 전
1:03Crossing avenues
Crossing avenues23 시간 전
1:03Never leave
Never leave조회수 123 시간 전
Discoroad23 시간 전


  • keep it up !! :D <3


  • 1:18 enorm

  • Real Recognise Real⚖️

  • เทอจะกลับมามั้ย🥺✌️🖤

  • Jay bhim

  • Gajab

  • Love listening to Paul Robeson sing this song...I think its him..Awesome singer from opera to broadway

  • Love it Congratulations

  • Common my brother keep it going 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • We Lit!!!! - Yung Clint

  • Felicidades por este nuevo paso que das, mis mejores deseos y que sigan mas éxitos preciosa

  • Buena Rola,no te desanimes por los dislike porque mientras mas te desnimes te van a tirar mas mierda los demas,y los envidiosos

  • È una bella canzone. Ma esattamente qualcuno sa cosa significa "hai una faccia gialla tipo yellow?" cosa significa? Ipotesi: lividi in via di guarigione, anemia, diabete, vomito.

  • beautiful garden vlog 😊🌱keep on sharing

  • Should I be happy or sad? Anyway imma do both! :) :(

  • This is so sad I watched the movie

  • :(

  • 3:05 よくこうゆう静かになった後に後ろでこの ブォーン っていうのが鳴っていってまた盛り上がっていくのほんとになんか感動するというかもうあのなんか大好き(?) 共感してくれる人いませんかねこれ

  • Top top mondial n ai cum

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  • Lagu ini di tujukan kpd calon istri ku yg kini sdg brtugas di dapur dok goreng cucur udang..nk buat cucur badak xleh badak xde

  • . ®

  • Okkkkkkkkk

  • 유튜브 보다가 듣게 됐는데 노래 좋은데요? 한번듣고 중독됨ㅋㅋ

  • Почему мне это песня зашла?

  • Macjs alah sawto raw3a

  • Top mohamed lamin raw3a sawto macha alah

  • 🤤

  • رحمه الله عليه

  • My first time watching this movie, I didn't know it was about racism.....until this song came on. LOL!

  • Absolutely beautifully sung

  • Double for fuff

  • When you’re name is Kaylee lmao

  • People are saying that the music is drowning her out, but I can hear her just fine. IDK, maybe it's just me.

  • Pesma JE TAČKA

  • binge listening to this musical wish me luck i’ve already listened to leave luanne and the ballad of sara berry sooo👀

  • The best thing ever

  • What would it be like if the dad died instead of the mom

  • Why are there 0 comments 😂

  • Relaxing,I love it

  • Nice one

  • More grace

  • 노래~좋네요

  • Oh~ very good~!

  • They've make a justice to this musical, from OBC to the movie itself. Love it.

  • This Is La Forza del destino - Overture, not Il Trovatore - Vedi! Le fosche notturne Spoglie

  • Nice voice

  • muy duro

  • Good

  • Mantap bos

  • Type beat pls

  • aye SEESH



  • Its crazy goated

  • وزظظمك

  • WTF to the ONE person who gave a thumbs down

  • My honor to thumb up first for Douwei’s music. This is my first time.

  • what track came after this?

  • Since J.V. football I've been adored Big man on campus, but oh so bored My life was perfect but so routine I prayed for someone to intervene Then something New happened And turned my life around entirely And that's 'cause You happened And look what happened to me So go to prom with me, Kaylee! [KAYLEE, spoken] You're such an idiot, yes! [BOY, spoken] Hey Shelby, you're next (sung) There's not one subject that I could pass Before you walked into my Spanish class Was my heart pounding? I won't say no 'Cause life without you was no bueno Then something New happened And turned my life around entirely And that's 'cause You happened And look what happened to me So go to prom with me, Shelby! [SHELBY, spoken] Si! Si señor! [EMMA] And no more hiding how we feel anymore [ALYSSA] I won't hide if you're by my side [EMMA] Now that the Prom is back on track And once we walk into that gym hand in hand [EMMA, ALYSSA] It's pretty obvious there's no going back [ALYSSA] And that's a promise! Before I met you, I was a mess Not honest with myself, I confess [EMMA] I was so lonely, a total wreck Just sad and hopeless-check, double check! [EMMA, ALYSSA, ensemble] Then something New happened And turned my life around entirely And that's 'cause You happened And look what happened to me Something so True happened And soon it's time to share it publicly And all 'cause You happened

  • Istg if this gets removed

    • this is an official upload! the song is also finally on spotify along with komm susser todd

  • 👍👍👍

  • this fucking SUCKS

  • ا

  • Istorrymt

  • 아름다운 곡~ 34년째 듣고 있네요

  • Who else is here from hallmark 🤣🤣

    • @Nathalie Mac Your song is great! It is played twice in Hallmark's Heart of the Holidays (2020) It is played during the credits but it caught my attention when it was played near the end of the movie. Your instrumental track "creates" the emotion in that scene. It reminded of the feeling created by the music in Love Actually in its final scenes. I immediately bought your song on iTunes and went looking for it on KO-u so I could share it with friends. Thanks so much for writing it.

    • Hello! This is my song 🎄 where did you hear this being played!? I'd love to know! X

  • WHO the hell disliked this

  • esta cancion me ase acordor de mi nona sisiliana

  • This is great music

  • Temazo.... aguante el sanfesay y varela!🎸

  • k dramas have great songs!

  • To all publishers and artist's: Be aware that Norman Kerner and Diane Richardson are in violation of copyright infringement on another song. The song was pulled for copyright infringement..