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Korean girl who loves to sing♬


12:26Today, I had a Rock ‘n’ Roll class!
0:32[TEASER] Next cover song is?
[TEASER] Next cover song is?조회수 57K일 전
0:31[TEASER] Next cover song is?
[TEASER] Next cover song is?조회수 65K7 일 전
2:50👑 KING / Kanaria┃Cover by Raon Lee
4:33Sakuranbo / Otsuka Ai┃Cover by Raon Lee
4:26the peggies - Centimeter┃Cover by Raon Lee
3:25K/DA - THE BADDEST┃Cover by Raon Lee


  • Please do black clover

  • Not to mention the wonderful singing voice!!!!  Very cute ♥

  • 원곡은 마음이 차분해져서 좋고 라온님은 마음에 있는 악당을 치유 해죠요

  • 오오오 아이유노래 커버해달라고 했었는데 해주셧군요!!!! 감사합니다!!! 머리색이 이뻐요

  • WAAAAAAAAAA.....I love you...

  • 예전에 이런느낌도 좋았지.. 이때목소리도 좋았지

  • 이때는 200만이였지..

  • 와 원곡은 되게 내가 나한테 해주는 말 같았는데 라온님 커버는 타인이 나한테 확신을 주듯이 알려주는 것 같아요 뭐야 나 왜 이거 들으면서 위로받아 ㅠㅠ

  • udah cakep suara nya juga menawan ll salam dari INDONESIA raon

  • 너무 멋있당..

  • Es normal que me guste más que el original ?

  • 와 바름 정확해

  • 바보같이 커버 부탁합니다

  • 💐💐💚💚🌷🌷 Raon lee

  • Thx NARUTO

  • Hanako-kun 😍😍😍😍 i love youuuuuuuuu

  • "Tiny Light" is no 1 of my favorite Japanese song this make cry, happy Raon Lee have s great voice

  • 너무좋다ㅡ... 걍 여기 돗자리깔고 누워있을게요

  • Confused........?? Which is better... original or...this one????

  • Waauu😍

  • What attracts me in this cover is that korean accent

  • Very beautiful voice, I hope you have voice work or original songs. Very talented, keep at it if not you kick ass.

  • 와 .. 노래잘하고 이쁘고 사람맞나요...

  • Wow 그건 시빈 아파트 노래

  • This was a BLAST!

  • umm, Raon, where do you come from??

  • 라온님 코로나

  • this cannot be put into words, but it is ART.

  • 라온님 너를 찾을게 커버해주세요!

  • こんな難しい曲しかも言語違うのにすごい‼️👏👏👏

  • Today,we had a rick'roll class xd

  • yes my favorite place, drug records


  • She's a Queen in Alice in Musicland and here she's a King👑

  • 아 진짜 다들 너무 귀여우세요ㅜㅜㅜ🥰 오늘도 잘 보고갑니다!!😍

  • Fire at 2021

  • WOW

  • 라온님목소리가 더해지니 노래가더 좋아요!!

  • 라온님!! 나중에기회가 되셨다면 장산범도 불러주세욤!!

  • 머리진짜 귀 뒤로 너무 넘겨주고싶어....나만그래..?

  • @RaonLee can u cover ‘we are the stars’ from Ragnarok Op . Tq

  • 2021 haha

  • Let's go to the 100M

  • pls do odd eye from dreamcatcher ^^

  • 迫力がある!上手い!

  • no like

  • O pai ta ai ta laaaaaa Itachi ta no aaar Motorola e dorimeeee A oi a oi Anão choraaaaaa Version brasilian

  • Ningún español por aquí? Xd

  • You say it really well, happiness comes while watching you 💞👏👏👏👏

  • Amazing 💖

  • TWIST: this woman is 85 years old

  • OS DIGIMONS !!!!

  • 加油

  • 色々な人のインフェルノのカバー巡ったけどこの人だけは解釈通りに歌ってくれてると感じる

  • I Yuji Itadori , really like this cover.

  • this could easily work as an english song <3

  • Beautiful look, wonderful voice

  • Awesome cover!

  • 原曲聞いたことないけど他のカバーを聞く感じたぶん原曲より良い。

  • 가테를 하는 유져로써 이걸 이제서야 보다니 으ㅡ아아아아ㅏ아아으으ㅡ아아

  • やっぱりRaonは越えてくるね。ヤバい。

  • Essa abertura é linda 😍😁!

  • Hello raon I love you amazing you are number 1 fighting and good luck

  • Your version is full of energy, I would say that is even better than the original version. But i love Aya :)

  • 綺麗

  • Que sensualidad huauu!!🇪🇸

  • Came across this again in 2021. I feel so torn because the Song is so good for a Romance Anime but the Anime threw it all away so they can put drama in it.

  • Por una vez que no sale cantando...arriba el rock🇪🇸

  • 親日家の方?? 歌は上手いと思った

  • Request❤ Alive by: Raiko (Naruto Ending 4) I'm really into that song for a month... I really want to listen a female version of it by you Ms. Raon❤

  • 보러온 사람

  • niceeeeeeeeee songggggg :3