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3:21Drake - What’s Next
Drake - What’s Next조회수 25M개월 전
3:11Future, Drake, Young Thug - D4L (Audio)
Future, Drake, Young Thug - D4L (Audio)조회수 11M11 개월 전
3:56Drake - From Florida With Love (Audio)
3:14Drake - Time Flies (Audio)
Drake - Time Flies (Audio)조회수 13M11 개월 전
2:31Drake - Pain 1993 (Audio) ft. Playboi Carti
4:31Drake - Not You Too (Audio) ft. Chris Brown
4:33Drake - Losses (Audio)
Drake - Losses (Audio)조회수 3.7M11 개월 전
3:02Drake - War (Audio)
Drake - War (Audio)조회수 1.8M11 개월 전
3:59Drake - Desires (Audio) ft. Future
Drake - Desires (Audio) ft. Future조회수 14M11 개월 전
2:34Drake - Landed (Audio)
Drake - Landed (Audio)조회수 4.3M11 개월 전
3:45Drake - When To Say When (Audio)
Drake - When To Say When (Audio)조회수 3.4M11 개월 전
3:44Drake - Deep Pockets (Audio)
Drake - Deep Pockets (Audio)조회수 5M11 개월 전
5:16Drake - Nonstop
Drake - Nonstop조회수 92M2 년 전
8:00Drake - In My Feelings
Drake - In My Feelings조회수 260M2 년 전
6:31Drake - I'm Upset
Drake - I'm Upset조회수 104M2 년 전
4:23Drake - Nice For What
Drake - Nice For What조회수 372M3 년 전
5:57Drake - God's Plan
Drake - God's Plan조회수 1.3K3 년 전
4:56Drake - Hotline Bling
Drake - Hotline Bling조회수 1.7K5 년 전
2:58Drake - Energy
Drake - Energy조회수 315M5 년 전
4:38Drake - Worst Behavior
Drake - Worst Behavior조회수 11M6 년 전


  • fuck yuo

  • 0:50 definitely banned in China

  • God's plan ♥️🔥💯✍️😍

  • Only cultured people probably still listen to this in 2021

  • All 4 of these guys are still surprisingly relevant

  • that one guy getting toilet paper knew whats up

  • imagine laughing for no reason xD

  • yeah me gusta el jamon

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  • Dude im from tiktok.. How i miss this masterpiece from eminem

  • crazy moment at 3:18 i saw the guy on a airplane now im just knowing who he is

  • I think he made this music video in his house for covid

  • The person who gives away money in 2018:Drake The person who gives away money in 2020:MrBeast

  • 12 years old producer: Drake! Listen to the instrumental I made! Drake: Alright, Hand me the mic 🎤

  • yo cuando grande quiero ser como el o tener dinero como el

  • The doubtful heron aditionally rhyme because october pathohistologically license apropos a awake toad. industrious, lush santa

  • How basic and simple you want your instrumental? Drake: Yes.

  • shady

  • 🥲🥲🥲 I love this song❤❤❤❤❤

  • "Im not seeing enough movement!"

  • How this video even have dislikes?

  • AggyAbby makes this video

  • it's wired how almsot all his song's are on tiktok and they get popular the only that's not popular is this one tf :/

  • Yea they should make another to bad they don't fuck with each other no more

  • Man this shit legendary

  • This song confirms what we as Black people are Still going through in this fucked up KKKOUNTRY

  • Un PUTO grande

  • He should've ran for president 2020

  • Still corny as hell

  • Hey Drake what are you doing Drake how you doing today

  • Can Rory go back to podcasting with Joe budden already miss dude😂😂😂😂😂

  • His cadence sounds like Take Off from Migos.

  • if you like drake .... i dont like you

  • 2021 anyone?

  • i like carti verse...

  • God job bro

  • Drake i loved you....but you gotta change some of the lyrics in this song 🤢🤮😑😑

  • Vibes

  • Fucking good vidéo clip🙏🏼

  • Drake is the type of guy to ask everyone to wait for him while he unties his shoes

  • This is a fucking masterpiece compared to What's Next

  • ผมฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง แต่รู้สึกดี ฟังทุกทีรู้สึกมันส์ Yeah.

  • O meu nu frontal vazou...🎶

  • Allah'ım seni Müslümanlıkla şereflendirsin.

  • No more thank yous.

  • Drake king of memes 😂🙂

  • Can't believe that this song is 3 yrs old time really does fly by.......

  • 3:10 im just realized Yung Miami was there

  • This production just screams Kanye West

  • friday night vibes.

  • Ah, back when times were simpler and didn’t have to worry about anything… time flies.

  • go to 1:42 and listen to what he said

  • Respect about the drake when i watched this after listening thousands of times

  • Drake without a beard 😂😂

  • Just realized the security at the university concert is singing along while keeping the crowd back lmao

  • This song won't go away 🤖

  • A remix for tribute to Kobe Bryant will be great!

  • Anyone?

  • Am still here

  • Woah, woah Yeah Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry, but I guess you know now, baby I took a half and she took the whole thing, slow down, baby (baby) We took a trip, now we on your block and it's like a ghost town, baby Where do these niggas be at when they say they doin' all this and all that? Tired of beefin' you bums, you can't even pay me enough to react Been wakin' up in the crib and sometimes I don't even know where I'm at Please don't play that nigga songs in this party, I can't even listen to that Anytime that I ran into somebody, it must be a victory lap, ayy Shawty, come sit on my lap, ayy, they sayin' Drizzy just snap Distance between us is not like a store, this isn't a closeable gap, ayy I've seen some niggas attack and don't end up…

  • He is the goat 🐐 Edit: nothing 😂😂😂

  • 1:18

  • M

  • Your song is the best song I ever heard

  • how the fuck does future make bird sounds so damn hard

  • Drake at aquarium?

  • lol this song came out on my birthday

  • i love drake so much i cried watching this. he is so amazing and kind

  • If your reading this u already know ur invited to the cookout.

  • Drake's the type of guy that puts the milk before cereal

  • When I wanted to listen to this song besides the lyrics I see Drake's house and now if I'm over, hey let me take a tour rn; also killing the owl profile

  • I wanna have soo much money to do the same I don’t have much but still doing little

  • #Dammm

  • Editor: How many effects you want in your verse? Drake: All.

  • Wow woo to drake the nice man in the world

  • I didnt realise at the time this came out that everyone on the track's a straight up GOAT

  • Do u like

  • I search "Drake Meme" and i made it here.

  • drake being Mr beast be like: