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25:56Dude Wars | OT 24
Dude Wars | OT 24조회수 12M8 일 전
9:41Game Night Stereotypes
Game Night Stereotypes조회수 17M개월 전
9:17Flying RC Car
Flying RC Car조회수 13M개월 전
30:23Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23
26:19Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22조회수 12M2 개월 전
26:19Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21조회수 17M2 개월 전
26:13It Finally Happened | OT 20
It Finally Happened | OT 20조회수 14M2 개월 전
6:54Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battle
Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battle조회수 11M3 개월 전
15:32Go Kart Paintball Battle
Go Kart Paintball Battle조회수 13M3 개월 전
10:47Halloween Stereotypes
Halloween Stereotypes조회수 26M4 개월 전
25:49GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19
GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19조회수 20M4 개월 전
10:47Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
Giant Grouper Fishing Battle조회수 14M4 개월 전
8:37Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Concrete Shoes Football Battle조회수 15M5 개월 전
10:53Airsoft Battle 3
Airsoft Battle 3조회수 14M6 개월 전
28:01Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17조회수 28M6 개월 전
8:21Swimming Pool Stereotypes
Swimming Pool Stereotypes조회수 37M6 개월 전
6:59Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots
Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots조회수 23M6 개월 전
5:19Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
Card Throwing Trick Shots 2조회수 22M7 개월 전
6:47Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins조회수 25M7 개월 전
4:51Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
13:47All Sports Golf Battle 4
All Sports Golf Battle 4조회수 26M8 개월 전
24:25Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16조회수 27M9 개월 전
9:43Quarantine Stereotypes
Quarantine Stereotypes조회수 46M10 개월 전
21:17Eating Dog Food Like Cereal 🤢 | OT 15
7:18Blindfolded Archery Battle
Blindfolded Archery Battle조회수 16M10 개월 전
8:54Giant Foam Pit | Dude Perfect
Giant Foam Pit | Dude Perfect조회수 22M11 개월 전
26:10Top 10 Candy List EVER | OT 14
Top 10 Candy List EVER | OT 14조회수 30M11 개월 전


  • That was the most fixed second round ever


  • Anyone reading this I hope you have both sides of your pillow cold.

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  • Plot twist: the blue water was windex

  • How do u get the miracle berry pills?

  • 🐢 turtles

  • I like turtle too.

  • Can bounce it

  • I always sing the overtime song at the start of every video XD

  • My fav is coolnotcool whats yours?

  • 1:37 When 6ix9ine wins a rap battle

  • 3:20 dint fit cuz the roof he was using was his actually wall, and the wall that the house has is the roof

  • TT

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  • Imagine watching hotwheels part in vr

  • Floyd but against Logan Paul not McGregor 😂


  • This is sick

  • About to watch all of the ot’s in order

  • No game should be called football because in rugby and soccer we use our hands and feat so we should call rugby and soccer

  • Team ty

  • 2021

  • Did any one see on the dart clip there was a tape or something on the dart so it could curve

  • 0:36 He ate the hotdog The guy:I'm going to get another hot dog. He ate hotdog Me: JUST HIT HIM IN THE FACE!!!

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  • May the rage be with you

  • Editor edition 3

  • who read this comment please like


  • I really want to join u!!!

  • He had no beard in OT 11 but now he does

  • Energy

  • game night

  • Editor edition 3 yes pleas

  • Is that really unfortunate bc that looks fun

  • Twinkle little star

  • 17 bounces

  • I lowkey feel bad for the clown he looks so sad especially when he triped

  • 12 bounces

  • Is this the one of French toasted

  • And legends was born

  • Come one come all get your “Gary owes you 10 bucks” ticket here!!

  • Hey since Garrett uncool Cory item then I also uncool lol

  • I love you Cory

  • Я один русский здесь?!

  • I love the intro

  • I ate 100 yd

  • when it was the intro i thought they were really old i was sad that they might pass away cuz they are old but when they did the trick shot in the intro they were standing up and i was shocked that they might break they’re backs the. when i saw them getting the makeup the i was happy that they weren’t old

  • oh, my favorite vid, since i was a kid, my brother love this channel

  • D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E

  • How many cc is a dirtbike

  • This is how many people want hockey stereotypes ⬇️

  • Judge says he doesn’t use other materials Literally uses plastics arms for his

  • Team neckace

  • Where is the Panda in Dude Perfect ?

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  • your videos masterfully, I love them

  • These tricks are from another world, they would never come out

  • DOUG JUDY WAS ON HERE!?!?!?!?!? Who have they not met?

  • a great idea

  • @CODY I am from Delhi, India

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  • 1:11 only thing we can do part two

  • golf is a sport of the wealthy class

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  • Gotta say tho, that cut was clean with the katana

  • NICE👌

  • i love the trick squirt

  • Turkeyy💓💓💓

  • Mate I searched for “football” stereotypes not “rugby”

  • Guys.... I know the bloopers are fake. You just filmed a regular day and then Gave names to the shots you do

  • Omfg iam gonna be a table tennis player!!! 😎🏆

  • This is just a regular day with added music and the bloopers were fake

  • Dude perfect is waste

  • you are so crazy and I like it that waty