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10:29Bronny James VS FaZe Rug! (Intense 1v1)
14:11The Next Chapter...
The Next Chapter...조회수 3.2M14 일 전
15:27First to Dig the $10,000 Diamond, Keeps It
14:30Cheating On My Girlfriend.. (LOYALTY TEST)
13:32Please Watch This Video...
Please Watch This Video...조회수 3.5M개월 전


  • Let’s take a moment and honor the man who said I’ll marry you

  • Faze cave

  • Done I subed

  • Where’s the like button at

  • Let see

  • I’ve never felt this much second hand embarrassment

  • Do ittttt


  • Rug check back at 1:08 and then go check your most popular vid 👀

  • The guy who said he’s coming is the guy with the cam I think


  • I would never do that so cringy

  • Me I’m in insane raper

  • i have been subscribed for 2 years!

  • You messed up as soon as you named a price.

  • Toast! Good vid


  • Please give me 1 ps5

  • Hi I'm adelfa watching from Philippines I'm your fan's also a fan's of your mama rug and papa rug and bowadis i hope I'm one of your 20. Mil winner

  • Dude there was so many fly’s on my food when you paused me

  • !

  • You just copied Sherman’s video you are not funny

  • Hey rug I’m back took a break from KO-u but I want to win the car

  • My ten mines test last longer than your relationships

  • Oof faze

  • Are you at Belmont park?

  • He really said people don’t know him at the zoo, but every clip was a fan saying what’s up to him smh

  • One more

  • Hi

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  • Jk love your vids and stuff

  • Am one of them late ones 😒😁

  • First of all we got pranked by the thumbnail

  • :first day of youtube: 100 subscibers: Faze: Man I'm going to keep going! : today : WER"E ALMOST AT 20M!! : this comment shows that you can do ANYTHING you imagen..

  • 11:33 what rug should’ve said: it is after I eat hot Cheetos


  • Your nose is as bigger than the FSA

  • Bro you should of done the x force pose from Deadpool you would look so badass

  • Can you pls give me a shout out 🙂

  • Who else saw a tiktok about this 🤣

  • Nah we be bros lol

  • Wow the clickbait

  • This was cringey for me

  • First starts off as will you marry prank then next thing you know it’s the real thing

  • She should of pranked Rug and said, “Yes”

  • 6:35 had me laughing 😂😂

  • I just saw a video of some guy in the crowd saying “I’ll marry you” “but I’m not signing a prenup”

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  • Rug deserve to collab with Kylie Jenner for that embarrassment 😂

  • My armpits are sweating Kaelyn me too 😂😂

  • Propose to me Bae!

  • Daaaahhh fuck did he just figure out about the wall stick thing you can do that with anything with a flat surface like a pencil And the baha blast it’s supposed to be voltage mt dew

  • Dude I'm scared bcuz of faze banks like dude he's face creeps me out

  • Faze rug

  • Sorry but i watch it at night

  • Not being rude im just tall im 11 and 5 foot 2 inches tall

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  • It was actually a little bit easy to see Through his acting but at times it was not.

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  • I love you all ❤️

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  • Do a video called last to talk wins $1000 with rami and Jessica and mandi and mama rug

  • Dominik

  • At least give some credit to pretty boy fredo

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  • We’re you born on a highway cause that is we’re most accidents happen

  • No credit to prettyboyfredo

  • Who else saw this on TikTok

  • Faze rug like this comment I'll be 😊

  • Cringe level 1000

  • the last one was so cute. ANH YEU EM!

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  • Him being scared of talking to his high school class when he talks to over 1 million people on every vid