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Where products get naked.

Here you will find a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet. From the newest smartphone to surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed. It's all here on Unbox Therapy.

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16:28Unboxing a Refurbished iPhone From Amazon...
13:23Does Your Smartphone Make The List...?
Does Your Smartphone Make The List...?조회수 412K22 시간 전
13:02A New Flagship Challenger Emerges... 🚀
26:26Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone...
Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone...조회수 1.1M22 시간 전
14:15Cosmos Max is my BIGGEST Android Device...
12:14Sony PlayStation 5 BLACK Edition...
16:56Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
8:18Oppo's New Color-Changing Smartphone...
9:35LG's Brightest OLED Display Yet...
LG's Brightest OLED Display Yet...조회수 1.2M개월 전
12:24They Call it the Flow...
They Call it the Flow...조회수 1.2M개월 전
16:19I Finally Bought an Electric Car...
I Finally Bought an Electric Car...조회수 2.8M개월 전
6:12This is NOT Science Fiction...
This is NOT Science Fiction...조회수 1.3M개월 전
10:44Expensive vs Cheap Coffee Maker
Expensive vs Cheap Coffee Maker조회수 1.2M개월 전
9:18The Elon Musk Smartphone...
The Elon Musk Smartphone...조회수 1.3M개월 전
9:17The World's First Gaming Massage Chair
The World's First Gaming Massage Chair조회수 1.3M2 개월 전
2:58:06100 iPhone 12 Giveaway LIVE
100 iPhone 12 Giveaway LIVE조회수 2.5M2 개월 전
8:22The BIGGEST Foldable I've Ever Unboxed...
13:58This is NOT a Tesla...
This is NOT a Tesla...조회수 2.1M2 개월 전
11:54MASSIVE Roccat Gaming Unboxing
MASSIVE Roccat Gaming Unboxing조회수 1.3M2 개월 전
9:54The Biggest Cyberpunk 2077 Unboxing
The Biggest Cyberpunk 2077 Unboxing조회수 1.3M2 개월 전
10:30AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury
AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury조회수 3M2 개월 전


  • Lew trying to figure out why people are buying the iPhone 8 is funny It's not because the SE came out it's because they are broke and they want a product they can trust

  • Wth 10 years ago 😳

  • Noooiissee... @colkd

  • Hi I’ve started my tech channel a couple months ago and when I watch my vids I make it’s just so boring could you tell me what I could do to make it more interesting

  • Ya know this channel used to be good.

  • Display looks really nice. @mbk20836718

  • @BraylonY35

  • Damn thats sick @ZarkMANUTD

  • Daft Punk Has Ended Their Career. Never Forget Them! 1993-2021.

  • He needs to review more frequently the cheap Samsung phones

  • The first time I’ve been exited for an unbox therapy video in a while

  • The old iPhone 8: who would guess , I'm at Unbox Therapy ✌😜

  • Lew: remember the Touch ID days Me still going about with an iPhone 6s: 😢

  • ew that's kinda nasty ngl :(

  • Cleaned? And yet he has a fingerprint on it.

  • Now in future "Imagine getting a charger with refurbished iPhone 12" 😂

  • really !

  • You should do like living for a week with a refurbished phone

  • Dude I bought my iphone X on facebook marketplace from a college student an hour away.

  • nah just get an iPhone SE instead of that I'm more thankful Apple actually made that phone

  • Watching Lew discover what a renewed product looks like and not having all the original parts is just like how we feel watching him open new devices that will never be able to own or afford, ourselves. It's like looking in a mirror🪞. We are used to refurbished items and worrying if it works or not. He is discovering this world for the first time. Crazy how different our worlds are.

  • On a 70 dollar phone I can’t believe people think there’s a market for a case! Shoot a case is like 10 to even like 40/50 dollars. On a 70 dollar phone you would just buy a new one every few years

  • I still rroll around with a LG G6 Well it does look a bit more modern than an iphone 8 i give it that ...

  • Then you realise it doesn’t charge 🤦🏼😂

  • This is awesome idea for a video. Coming from someone that gets all kinds of expensive tech. It's cool to see your reaction to a person that can't afford all the new tech.

    • To continue, I work in IT and I find many people ask me for a cheap phone to get.

  • When you're scratching the bottom of the barrel for content, and you're all out of barrels.

  • @GesterTaysa

  • "you're living life you're existing" lol😂

  • pls fix audio

  • I think that your older videos where you enjoyed reviewing and also the shorter videos were much better...... no offence I just told what I noticed

  • Why buying a phone that is has a worn out battery? , instead of a new cheap phone.

  • Been buying refurbished since iPhone 6s, never had a problem. Got an iPhone X refurbished now, they have great deals tbh :)

  • If you don't want this Give it to me please

  • 21:26 nice dog

  • Wait, is he from Canada? I thought he was from the US 😳

  • amazing product my twitter is @stusharp_mufc

  • I purchased a renewed iPhone exactly the same as the phone in the video. Mine was immaculate, zero scratches and no fingerprint residue nor dust. I guess I go lucky. No info on the previous network.

  • @Muhamma75763774

  • How much you wanna bet that’s my Friends Old iPhone 8 he lost at the Mall😂 same color and everything

  • My dad bought an iPhone 11 off Craigslist for 300 it was in mint condition and it works perfectly

  • I would have cleaned it first. During this Covid-19 period. In the uk sky mobile will not buy your old phone at the moment because of this.

  • It is VERY easy to open this phone and replace the battery. I've done it dozens of times on the iphones 6s, 7, and 8's for family and friends over the last few years. Hell, iFixit provides excellent step-by-step guides that will guide just about anyone (except those with two thumbs) through the process.

  • i would never prefer to buy refurbished mobile as what if that guy dropped his mobile in his toilet or something nooo wayy!!!

  • Nice vid lew

  • “I donno… maybe they have an iPhone six or sth” as I watch from my iPhone 6

  • Well one power brick is more than what apple is giving us now. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • If they dont replace the battery, its same as used device. Battery is the wearing part here.

  • Twitter handle...... @PonnavoluTarun

  • Sim tool... Paperclip... Either works

  • Need the wallpaper on the phone

  • @ravixshow

  • Lew we need some strange weird products unboxing? Maybe.....

  • I think lew should keep doing this, because this kind of exposition helps to improve the quality of this "renewed" products

  • I want lew to make this his new daily driver!

  • Still carry an iPhone 7. As much as I would like a new phone, if it's not broke...

  • Am I the only one who likes Unbox Therapy videos before watching ?

  • I have 2 moods rn Me criticizing renewed iphone 8* Also me who can't even afford an iphone 6*

  • i love mi phones . would kill for one of those

  • We don't Sim ejector tool. We use Safety pin!!

  • Finally after 4 years Lew accepted the fact that he should unbox iPhone 8

  • I did some work for a business who purchased like 40 iPhone 7's refurbished. All phones came in original packaging surprisingly. I enrolled them all in mobile device management and they have all been in service over a year now. No issues, still a solid phone option imo.

  • I need this phone badly, But I can't afford😐😐😐 Twitter--- @emonriaj

  • Are you from Canada 🇨🇦👀?

  • I want lew to make this sorta thing a series please 🤩🤩🤩

  • First

  • Watching him calling iPhone 8 old when I'm watching the video on my broken screen iPhone 7.

  • Me with the iPhone 6s 🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯

  • Lets try samsung s8

  • Man nice TV but the contrast and viewing angles just can't compete with OLED..

  • i don't even have a Twitter account..

  • Re-nude

  • 9:36 Because we are poor is the answer

  • Unbox therapy-buying a refurbished iphone Also him showing off his 1 dollar note😀😀

  • This looks like a used phone the a renewed phone

  • really running out of ideas eh