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We are based in Miami and we film boats and the people having fun on them.
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Filming/Recording in public - We are based in the United States as such the 1st amendment to the US constitution allows us to film anything/anyone we see in public without the need to obtain permission. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that there cannot be any expectation of privacy in public. All of our films take place in public spaces. #freedom


0:27Lady Captain #shorts
Lady Captain #shorts조회수 171일 전
0:23Lady Captain #shorts
Lady Captain #shorts조회수 216일 전
0:21Yacht Life Beauties #shorts
Yacht Life Beauties #shorts조회수 678일 전
0:19Ladies are too happy! #shorts
Ladies are too happy! #shorts조회수 810일 전
0:19Slow Float #shorts
Slow Float #shorts조회수 788일 전
0:19Jet Ski Queen #shorts
Jet Ski Queen #shorts조회수 887일 전
0:16Ladies Put The Phone Down #shorts
0:16Slow Rider #shorts
Slow Rider #shorts조회수 19K2 일 전
0:16She Jumps for Cameras #shorts
She Jumps for Cameras #shorts조회수 10K2 일 전
1:09:31Live at HAULOVER INLET | Haulover boats
0:17Rolling OFF the Boat! #shorts
Rolling OFF the Boat! #shorts조회수 209K일 전
0:16What is she Doing?1? #shorts
What is she Doing?1? #shorts조회수 409K일 전
0:17Ladies Ride #shorts
Ladies Ride #shorts조회수 30K일 전
0:17She's ride or die #shorts
She's ride or die #shorts조회수 422K일 전
0:18Filming is not a crime #shorts
Filming is not a crime #shorts조회수 27K일 전
0:17What is she doing ?1? #shorts
What is she doing ?1? #shorts조회수 10K일 전
0:31Sinking Boat #shorts
Sinking Boat #shorts조회수 201K일 전
1:03:27Live at MIAMI RIVER | Haulover boats
0:17Slow Ride #shorts
Slow Ride #shorts조회수 53K일 전
0:17Speedy Ladies #shorts
Speedy Ladies #shorts조회수 48K일 전
0:28Ride'm CowGirl! #shorts
Ride'm CowGirl! #shorts조회수 69K일 전
1:21:48Live at HAULOVER INLET | Haulover boats
0:21Top Dancer #shorts
Top Dancer #shorts조회수 32K일 전
0:17Top Shelf Ride #shorts
Top Shelf Ride #shorts조회수 33K일 전
0:17She Loves the Camera #shorts
She Loves the Camera #shorts조회수 33K일 전
0:18Ride saltwater cowgirl! #shorts
0:16Smoke and Jump #shorts
Smoke and Jump #shorts조회수 29K2 일 전
0:28Man VS Rope #shorts
Man VS Rope #shorts조회수 441K2 일 전


  • Yes beautiful ball

  • 😡

  • I thought she was gonna take a dump off the bow..

  • So this guy just drives his boat around all day so he can find as many women as possible to record without their knowledge...what a gentleman

  • If I seen this woman doing this to the poor dog she would be black and blue via hong Kong fooi

  • Heck, I would be dancing to this beat too.

  • Thic

  • This idiot decides to make a video of people facing impending doom instead of driving his boat over and saving them

  • Elderly dog though could of been a bit nicer, how about displaying some compassion it doesn't cost anything..👊

  • I'm pretty sure one of this dogs buddies filmed and uploaded this and they're trying to setup a lawsuit against the owner, wouldn't be surprised if this footage is in the hands of attorney Jackie Chiles as we speak! (My Seinfeld peeps know who Jackie is 😁).

  • Abrubt bremsen das wärs

  • I take that back what is “it” doing

  • What is he doing that ain’t no she

  • Ssuuggarr ddaaddyy

  • Very friendly and she's very beautiful too😍

  • That was more of a nudge than a kick.

  • I have a bigger boat lady......

  • Nice

  • Folla viejos con dinero

  • is this comparable how a cop can break the speed limit to pull you over?

  • Can tie a rope but still cant tie the knot

  • Thumbs-up just for the legs! WOW!

  • Thought she was going to slip or some shit.

  • Yeerrr😃😃😃

  • When you got to go, you got to go. I think she's pretending to bathe cuz people seen her.

  • She didn't kicked the dog! You have nothing better to do? You need attention?

  • I bet people who are criticising this recording have fapped to voyeur stuff before

  • She pushed the dog she didnt kick it

  • Oh yeah Damn that's what I'm talking about...😎

  • It's not winning that counts. Bending over to pick up the ball scores lots of points

  • Who cares? I could still watch her play all day long.

  • Taking a shit

  • Harna to pakka hai kaise jeet Sakta hai koi..

  • Fresh meat...)))

  • Oh did she trip there? I was paying attention elsewhere 😃

  • omg that bruce lee kick is so deadly i think the dog is injured🤡

  • She had to get her dainty little feet off the deck in case of scupper trout!

  • I bet she’s good at other stuff

  • Вот кому это надо ??? Два поросёнка на лодке , и что ?

  • Esta Muchacha Es Mas Bella que la Jlo🌹

  • Parece que está embarazada ! Y bebe a las escondidas

  • I would just love to taste it and stick the mushroom tip in 😋

  • Gettting drunk

  • И зачем это в сеть выкладывать?

  • Chuck norris'd that dog

  • Gadach lbachbouuuuuuch

  • Men of culture. We meet once again ...

  • I'm taking deck hand applications. Now I just need a boat.

  • Cooling off duh

  • All I noticed that the dog is overweighted 🧐

  • All hands on deck!

  • Took me a few watches to notice that there is a dog

  • The people at corner: finally!

  • Smart Phone addiction.

  • Ohhh my god

  • Sugar daddy much??

  • She can kick me hehe

  • Probably a snowflake recording this, because that is indeed considered a kick to a fellow snowflakes.

  • No wonder icean smells fishy

  • I think we'd all happily overload if the load looked like that one in the screenshot.

  • Красотка!

  • The captain should be fined for endangering their lives

  • That is a cop boat from GTA.

  • She bought a glass of orange juice and brought her own vodka!

  • Some guys know the game well

  • The caption should be fined

  • can you drop the names or instagram thanks

  • I want to see more the boat

  • Ouais bon ?

  • Karen training 101

  • Man woman made only money no relation

  • Micro bikinis for the win 💪🏾

  • Oh there is a dog in the video