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1:18Cutie Monkey VII
Cutie Monkey VII조회수 141
0:26Feeding Monkey #18
Feeding Monkey #18조회수 20K17 시간 전
0:16Feeding Monkey #17
Feeding Monkey #17조회수 36K17 시간 전
0:49Cutie Monkey VI
Cutie Monkey VI조회수 218K일 전
0:44Feeding Monkey #16
Feeding Monkey #16조회수 65K일 전
0:24Monkey Family
Monkey Family조회수 265K일 전
1:17Monkey Bread Party III
Monkey Bread Party III조회수 1.6K일 전
0:14Lovely Monkey Mother II
Lovely Monkey Mother II조회수 256K일 전
1:27Cutie Monkey V
Cutie Monkey V조회수 1.7K일 전
0:32Feeding Monkey #15
Feeding Monkey #15조회수 160K일 전
1:35Feeding Monkey #14
Feeding Monkey #14조회수 1.6K일 전
0:26Lovely Monkey mother
Lovely Monkey mother조회수 377K일 전
0:57Feeding Monkey #13
Feeding Monkey #13조회수 253K일 전
0:24Feeding Monkey #12
Feeding Monkey #12조회수 60K일 전
0:18Feeding Monkey #11
Feeding Monkey #11조회수 179K7 일 전
0:20Feeding Monkey #10
Feeding Monkey #10조회수 241K7 일 전
0:33Feeding Monkey #9
Feeding Monkey #9조회수 22K7 일 전
0:13Feeding Monkey #8
Feeding Monkey #8조회수 27K7 일 전
0:22Feeding Monkey #7
Feeding Monkey #7조회수 54K7 일 전
0:16Feeding Monkey #6
Feeding Monkey #6조회수 80K7 일 전
0:30Feeding Monkey #5
Feeding Monkey #5조회수 24K7 일 전
0:22Feeding Monkey #4
Feeding Monkey #4조회수 28K7 일 전
0:24Feeding Monkey #3
Feeding Monkey #3조회수 85K7 일 전
0:16Feeding Monkey #2
Feeding Monkey #2조회수 19K7 일 전
0:22Monkey Ride
Monkey Ride조회수 49K7 일 전
0:20Feeding Monkey #1
Feeding Monkey #1조회수 111K7 일 전
0:28Baby Monkey compete
Baby Monkey compete조회수 42K7 일 전
1:12Cutie Monkey IV
Cutie Monkey IV조회수 3.7K7 일 전
0:24Monkey eat corn
Monkey eat corn조회수 259K7 일 전
1:26Cutie Monkey III
Cutie Monkey III조회수 3.1K7 일 전


  • बन्दर टिकटोक के चक्करमें मजे मार रहा है

  • บ้าป่าวว่ะ​แทนที่จะช่วย

  • Angry monkey

  • How sweet 😍

  • Rough way to exit a tree.

  • Soo cute and lovely mother

  • What if the mother monkey found the baby monkey and doesn't quite know what to do with it.

  • Pretty wasteful

  • Who the hell is he provides plastic cover

  • The kids won't know hot to forage from their mothers if they count on humans feedings.

  • 😍😘💝👨‍👩‍👧

  • 🙊🙉🙈😘💞

  • They look like blessed souls enjoying such comferts

  • I know it's what animals do. I couldn't imagine living out in the open. The trees aren't even good cover.

  • Funny

  • Who do you think you are? Just go up and taunt the monkeys

  • Looks more like a kidnapper.

  • Child lifting in monkeys is being seen in vedios. Usually humans grab them for marketing as well eating. It looks like a trained mokey is used to lift goung ones.

  • Semmmmma

  • 😳😳😳😳😳😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • Wtf

  • Kidnapped baby that's why the baby not trying to charge her either the macaques monkey's are relentless there moms can bite beat push pull drag etc.. And they will still go after there mums She is A kidnapper

  • Real cute. Giving monkeys plastic to choke on. Ha ha ha. Idiot.

  • Yehhh

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  • Q bicho engraçado 😅

  • Cek plastik

  • Ya Allah kasihan yaaa anakx kok gk ada yg nolongin siih yg nyoting kok diem aja

  • 😢

  • Scarey

  • Thank you good peoples for feeding beautiful monkeys and may God continue to bless you all and them too

  • .

  • Ese mono si es malo.😂

  • Gente estúpida porque no le dan los huevos cocidos para que al comérselo no desperdicien tanto

  • Stres procamera

  • She is watermelon eating a lukky girl

  • Baru tau saya.tenyta monyet sifatnya serakah.ambil gk mau satu

  • It's child abuse of the monkey world ⁉️😱

  • Dé todo hay en la naturaleza!😯😠

  • Was sollen die Klamotten???? TIERQUÄLER!!!!!PERVERSLINGE

  • Kalus babynyet likes ngutih kit2,very pa'ngang&terQutuk looks😩

  • Ya Allah, kasian anknya disiksa...induknya stres...

  • So sad

  • Quit feeding the damn monkeys your the reason they stole my iPhone. Probably thought it was a slice of bread!

  • These bastards don’t have twins she stole one

  • So cute

  • Why I notice every monkey movie don't like when yah touch they babies,so why yah do it anyway

  • It's called rape. That monkey is trying to rape that baby, and when he fought back, the big one started slamming it. Common. Lots of sexual abuse in the monkey kingdom. Really look at the video. Can't believe someone is just watching/recording this. That is NOT play!

  • Fuck you monkeys

  • That can't be healthy for them. Once in a while may be ok but I've seen at least 3 instances of these Monkey's being fed this processed sugar stuff

  • 💐😘😲🌹😍😋🐒🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍒🍒🍌

  • Poka madre de ese monito

  • I la basura 😡😡😡preserve of planet

  • Cute

  • Wow so classy

  • It’s an orangutan

  • Thats cute 😍

    • It’s all cute until u Asians eat them

  • Thats really sad when he keeps falling but at the same time I have quite sad vibes still

  • Thats rude

  • The little one wanted a peeled one, glad he got one at the end 😂😁🙏

  • Lamentablemente no solo se ve en los animales si no en las personas también ,mejor que operen a los changos y a las changas de dos patas también por qué ahora la moda es solo tener hijos para que las mantengan por lo menos 22 años

  • Both of those monkey cubs are so cure

  • Love it!! That is too cute. Take what you can handle.

  • Thay eat so fast ,they don't waste no time 😄 if that were me ,I've probably be choking ,go lil guy go 4 for it, no chance of anyone's taking it from him I tell you that. 😄😄😄

  • Twinkies now???

  • It’s first day of school 😂😂

  • Keep it up

  • Good job,

  • Thats what happens when you talk back

  • Reminds me of the humans running this world

  • Wonder why so many "monkey moms" are obsessed with the the babies eyes?

  • How well looked after these monkeys are so good

  • Memories !!!!!

  • Next show baby monkeys...

  • Poor thing 😭

  • I hope you are not taking their babies

  • 😭

  • La mama mono le regaña...creo que le mordió su hijo en el brazo